Ode to a Firework Fiend

Yesterday, Friday, July 23rd, Matt’s family dog, Catch, passed away 😦 I was lucky enough to have known this special dog for the past year and a half, while Matt grew up with her for 15 years. Catch was a beautiful, yellow labrador and to say she was an interesting dog would be an understatement.

There were many things Catch loved:

1. Cookies – If ever there was a dog that was so persuasive with her eyes, it was Catch. One look at you, and you were following her to the kitchen to get a couple of her beloved dog cookies. No matter the time of day or whether she’d already eaten, she wanted a cookie.

2. Swimming – Matt’s family has a house at Cedar Creek Lake, where Catch would walk right into the water for a dip. Before this, they learned of her love for swimming at Lake Grapevine or down in Houston. I remember Matt telling me a story about how Catch followed some ducks out into the lake and wouldn’t give up her hunt. She would get close, they would fly to another spot, and she would follow in hot pursuit. About 45 minutes later, the ducks finally flew off out of eyesight, so she simply swam home. Did I mention by then she was in the middle of the lake and boats were attempting to corral her?

3. Fireworks – Any normal dog is typically scared of fireworks. The sound will send them shaking to a remote part of the house, hoping it will end. This was the case with my family dog, and most every other dog I’ve ever known. Not Catch. Oh, no! She lived for the 4th of July. When that time of year rolled around, it was like she could sense the fireworks coming on. Matt first learned of this when one year, his family strung up Blackcats to a tree and lit them to pop. Catch went bounding to the tree, stood underneath the poppers, and barked relentlessly while ash and soot fell onto her. He had never seen anything like this before. It was from then on that he knew she loved fireworks. If you couldn’t get a mortar lit fast enough, she would bark at you out of impatience. Once it went into the air, she would dance around the dock, barking with sheer joy. It was truly a remarkable, and hilarious, sight to see.

All in all, I can’t possibly portray just how special this dog was, especially in the short time I knew her. It was through the love her family showed her, and the entertaining stories they told me from when she was young, that I understood just how cool she was. Catch was gentle, adorably cute, and independent to boot! We’ll miss you dearly.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to a Firework Fiend

  1. Aunt Jen

    So sorry about Catch…what a pretty girl!!

  2. "aunt" Gina

    Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts. So sorry for the loss of Matt’s beloved, Catch.

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