And All That Jazz

Sunday is not considered a “funday” here in Dublin. I remember back in Texas or at college in Norman, Sunday would roll around, and if there was nothing on the agenda, I would get together with a few friends and head to an establishment with discounted prices. “Sunday Funday” as it was called, was not just a term coined by me or my friends, rather a concept enjoyed by all, judging by the large quantities of people out on this day. For example, in Dallas, Taverna on Knox, would do brunch on Sunday mornings with 5 dollar bottomless mimosas. Or, Fireside Pies on Henderson, chose Sunday evening to feature half price pitchers of Sangria. After an appearance to church, the masses would fill establishments like these, and really enjoy their day of rest.

This much loved activity is not an adopted idea here in Dublin; Sunday is truly observed as a day of rest. Matt and I made our way down to City Centre to see a jazz band last night, and on the way I really gained a sense of how empty the city feels on a Sunday. It was rather easy to find a seat on the LUAS, and people did not crowd the sidewalks. As we made our way to the cafe, we noticed most restaurants were closed. Closed! We were hopeful that this jazz band would entice enough people to leave their homes so we would not be the only listeners in the crowd.

We were not disappointed. Cafe en Seine was enchanting in decor and bustling with travelers off the street, who, like us, were in search for something open. The architecture was reminiscent of Roman or Greek times and the jazz band was both entertaining and melodious. I was hoping for more of a smooth jazz band, with a bass and little singing, but Matt really enjoyed their style and I got caught up by their animated vocalist. Jazz hands…I think so! Though they do not serve food on Sunday, their prices were discounted on all beverages.

One small step toward “funday!”

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3 thoughts on “And All That Jazz

  1. Aunt Jen

    Well, clearly you and Matt need to start a movement in Dublin to establish “Funday”…sounds like you made a good start!

  2. dad

    That cafe looks pretty cool. The Irish know how to party! And I like the idea of Funday. After church of course.

  3. Melissa

    Sweeeeet blog! You need to put some comical entries up and I bet you’ll get a lot of followers

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