A Passage Worth Taking

“Read this book and the ordinary world disappears.” ~ Stephen King

Since my arrival in Dublin, I’ve had much time on my hands. I fill this time with sightseeing, writing, shopping, cooking, etc. One activity I’m grateful to have more time for is reading. There is nothing better than finding a really great page-turner, sitting down, and immersing yourself into an alternate world.

My book recommendation for the week is The Passage, by Justin Cronin. I was immediately sucked into this mesmerizing and suspenseful, multi-perspective, science fiction thriller. Cronin presents a recently popular vampire genre in a stimulating, and not so romantic way. He combines beautiful storytelling and character development, with bloodthirsty monsters that destroy a world and create a gory, new one. I can’t go into too much detail, because this intricate story is only best enjoyed page by page. I will, however, quote the description on the back of my copy; the very reason I initially bought the book:

“Deep in the jungles of eastern Colombia, Professor Jonas Lear has finally found what he’s been searching for – and wishes to God he hadn’t.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a six-year-old girl called Amy is left at the convent of the Sisters of Mercy and wonders why her mother has abandoned her.

In a maximum security jail in Nevada, a convicted murderer called Giles Babcock has the same strange nightmare, over and over again, while he waits for a lethal injection.

In a remote community in the California mountains, a young man called Peter waits for his beloved brother to return home – so he can kill him.

Bound together in ways they cannot comprehend, for each of them a door is about to open into a future they could not have imagined. And a journey is about to begin. An epic journey that will take them through a world transformed by man’s darkest dreams, to the very heart of what it means to be human.

And beyond.

The Passage.”

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4 thoughts on “A Passage Worth Taking

  1. Aunt Jen

    Well, you snared me with that one…I’ll be off to the bookstore shortly…

  2. Leigh Ann Hicks

    Emily – I hope you remember me – I’m a good friend of Nancy P’s and have talked with you on several occasions. So happy to have the link to your blog!
    I loved this book and am so pleased to find someone else who has read it (it’s currently on loan to my son who loved The Historian and I am feverishly awaiting a good convo with him about it). It was such a page turner, but so much more. Great writing AND it really captured my imagination. (A side note: my husbands laughs at me because I usually become convinced that we need a place to go when The Bad Times Come – read Into The Forest by Jean Hegland and you will be able to relate.) After reading it, I promptly wrote to my niece who is a professor at Rice and asked her about Mr. Cronin. She said there is definitely a movie in the works and the deal he signed with his publisher is for 3 books – so we definitely have much to look forward to!

    Hope you don’t mind that Nancy passed on the link to your blog – I feel certain that I will enjoy reading it.

  3. Leigh Ann – Yes I remember you and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! I’m glad Nancy passed it on to you. I’m excited that this book is going to be made into a movie. I picked it out on a whim, and was so glad I did when it was done.

    On a side note, in an earlier blog I talk about going to Bruges, and Matt mentioned that Garrett proposed there. After seeing it, I bet it was an absolutely beautiful proposal! We’re interested to know exactly where he did it!

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