¡Viva España!

Tomorrow, Matt and I will be leaving for the beautiful country of Spain! I know you all will miss my daily posts while I am gone 🙂 This just means I’ll have much to talk about when I get back! We are headed off to Majorca – the largest island of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea – for a long weekend of sand, sun, and surf. We’ll make sure to get out into the city of Palma to catch some of the nightlife and culture, but what we are really looking forward to is the sun. See, we don’t get too much of that here in Dublin, and when we do, it’s certainly not warm enough to bask in the warmth and catch a tan.

To prepare for the trip, I had my hair done today for the first time in this country. Boy, was I nervous! Hair is a very personal thing. In a way, it identifies us, and if it’s not done just right, we are stuck with it until we can either get it fixed, or it grows out. Luckily, Dublin has a brand-name salon: Tony & Guy. I figured I would have more luck in place like this, rather than a small boutique in a square. This is the part where you expect me to say, “Boy, was I wrong!” However, my instincts proved me right, and I left with my favored blonde color. My stylist did not only what I asked for, but he made it look so natural and glowing, that I can’t possibly consider going anywhere else.

There were a couple of downsides, yet they were minor. It was very expensive, but I have to remind myself that everything here is. Also, once they’ve finished foiling and coloring your hair, they don’t use a drier. This confused me a little, and eventually made me rather impatient, because I was stuck sitting for quite awhile, waiting for the color to lift. Again, though, minor setback when the finished product was exactly what I wanted.

So, after a successful beauty run before the trip, it is now off to packing. I just hope that the Spanish culture enjoys a good bowl of queso like the Mexican culture does!

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4 thoughts on “¡Viva España!

  1. FYI, that is the Majorcan flag, for anyone who might think I got confused…:-)

    • Merlinda

      Haha unfortch they do NOT enjoy Queso… nor do they have Chipotle much to my chagrin. However, I think you will find that the paella and sangria make up for ittt! Love you, love your blog and am so jealous of you right now!

  2. Aunt Jen

    Oh, I totally get the hair thing…I’m willing to cut corners on makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. but my hair is the one thing I always spend money on…what a relief it turned out well!!

    “Espera que usted se divierta en Espana!”

  3. Mer – You were definitely right. No queso! But their paella and sangria was awesome…I’ll just have to get a ton of the good ole Tex Mex queso when I come home in a couple of weeks!

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