O’ for a Horse with Wings

This past Thursday, I attended the RDS Horse Show with four women from the American Women’s Club of Dublin. Thursday was Ladies Day at the event, and boy was I in for a surprise! Now, I’ve been to many Thoroughbred Horse racing events thanks to Matt’s love of the sport. In fact, he had part ownership in two Thoroughbreds back home, and I once got to stand in the owner’s circle with him as we prepared for his filly’s pending race.

However, a horse show is a much different thing. When we entered, we were immediately inside a big tent where vendors were set up to sell just about anything. Most were geared to the horse industry; for example, a booth selling Wellington boots, or as you may know them, Wellies. We browsed through the tent a bit, where I bought Matt a horse keychain (which he liked very much :-)), then made our way out into the sunshine.

Was I first overwhelmed by the horse attractions? No! I was too busy looking at all of the women who were dressed to the nines and wearing the most amazing hats I’d ever seen. Not hats like you would see at the Kentucky Derby, but more like headpieces that sat precariously on the side of the head, and matched their gorgeous dresses and shoes. A woman I came with had given me a hat in anticipation, but mine was nothing in comparison to these women. Luckily, the real horse show lovers came in just their jeans, so I was comfortably dressed somewhere in the middle of both of these styles.

We made our way to our seats and watched the very interesting sport of Show Jumping. This is where horse and rider make their way through a course of different types of jumps, trying to finish with a quicker time while receiving the least amount of penalties. In our first show, an Irishman won, and the crowd went nuts. It was so much fun to listen to the traditional Irish music blaring over the speakers, spectators clapping in tune, and the rider taking not one, but 3 or 4 victory laps! From then on, I hoped an Irish rider would win every show just to get the crowd going again.

All in all, it was a fascinating day spent in the sun, enjoying the company of new friends, and watching a much loved sport for the first time.

Below are pictures of women and their “headdresses” at the show, taken by another woman in the club.

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2 thoughts on “O’ for a Horse with Wings

  1. Aunt Jen

    What a fun experience!! Loved that you’re getting to spend more time with your American club friends, loved that you’re enjoying all these new, fun events and loved your hat…I’m no expert, but I’d say based on some of the pics, your hat was just fine (seriously, the peacock head was just a bit much…)

  2. "aunt" Gina

    I never understood the “hats” they wear. I am with Aunt Jen, the peacock hat was a bit over the top! LOL I LOVE show jumping! I’ve been a number of times here in Cincy, but back in 1983, Vilma, Hugo and I were walking down the street in Interlaken, Switzerland. We walked past a Show Jumping tourney and we went in to watch. It was awesome! and we didn’t understand the language either! So glad you are junping in with both feet and enjoying all the these new and wonderful experiences! These will some of your best memories!

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