That is One Hairy Lemon!

I think it is about time that I start talking about the Dublin nightlife. I know, I know, I’m young and living in a new city, why haven’t I touched on this before? Well, I started this blog around the time that Matt and I were travelling quite a bit, and recently our “nights out” have been in other countries. After a little rendezvous last night, I feel that I should start talking about the cool places we’ve been, and as we see more, I’ll keep you posted!

Just a glimpse of the many beers at The Porterhouse.

In this edition, I’m going to reveal two pubs that I find very similar in decor and music, but in two different areas of town. First, The Porterhouse in the Temple Bar district. This multi-level pub is a hotspot for local college students and tourists. The interior is made of dark wood, and covering the walls behind glass windows are bottles of beers. They are literally everywhere; different brands, shapes, and sizes, these bottles of beer make you hesitant to order a glass of wine or mixed drink. Both times I’ve gone to The Porterhouse, I’ve ordered one of their house brewed beers. That’s right! This pub brews it’s own beer, making it all the more impressive. Along with their remarkable beer collection, they host live music every night of the week. Nestled between the first and second floor, the stage holds bands of every different style and selection. We were lucky enough to see an Elvis-inspired band one night!

The Hairy Lemon, one of Dublin's popular establishments.

Last night, Matt and I ventured in to my next pub of choice: The Hairy Lemon. What a great name for a pub!  This lively joint is in a different part of City Centre, between George’s Street, and South William Street. The dark wood and old, rustic ambience made it feel very similar to The Porterhouse for me. It is also decorated with old memorabilia, and on a Thursday night it was busy. Though they did not host live music while we were there, the music selection over the speakers was interesting in itself. I felt like I was transported back into the American 90’s! It is a little cozier than The Porterhouse, and on many review sites it is referred to as “quirky” or sometimes even “trendy,” however I’m from Dallas and have a different opinion of trendy. Here, I did order a glass of wine, while Matt savored a Guinness, and we enjoyed the people, the music, and the fun that is The Hairy Lemon.

Would I go back to these two places? Yes, I definitely would. Both would most certainly be on my lists of places to take friends who came to visit. Don’t be deterred if you are not a young reader of my blog! Both pubs are not filled with just college-aged kids or adults in their mid-20’s. People of all ages enjoy these popular haunts!

Tonight I’ll be out for another great night in Dublin. Stay tuned, because I’m hitting up one new location, and revisiting a couple oldies (but goodies), so I should have much to talk about!

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One thought on “That is One Hairy Lemon!

  1. "aunt" Gina

    It really sucks to be you! LOL Both places sound great! Have a Harp for me, will ya? I will have to find the name of the place we went in Temple Bar with Vilma AND Tommy. Being 13 at the time, he was able to be in there up till a certain time. He and Mom went back to the hotel and Bill and I stayed to watch the Irish Dancers and musicians. 🙂

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