You Can Bank On It

If I were going to tell you about my favorite bar in Dublin, I would have to tell you about The Bank on College Green. I wish Matt and I remembered this place more often when trying to decide where to head out for the evening. He took me there during my Spring Break visit last March, and we’ve been back a couple times since. This bar/pub is unlike any other place I’ve been.

The Bank does not resemble any other pub I’ve seen in Dublin since my arrival. Its origin dates back to Viking times and in 1876 the Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Company traded there. In 1893 it was turned into a branch of the Belfast Bank, designed by William Henry Lynn. It only recently took on the proud title of Bar in 2003. The architecture is Victorian in style, with stained glass windows, large double wood doors, and a mosaic tiled floor. The long, horseshoe-shaped bar is centered on the ground floor, and a mezzanine – where one can enjoy a drink and a meal – overlooks the entire room. You do feel a little like you are part of parliament when you look at the paintings on the walls and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

I’ve had a few really good times with Matt at The Bank. The first was in March on St. Patrick’s Day when we couldn’t find a pub that wasn’t bursting at the seams with people. He had taken me to The Bank earlier in the week to check it out, so we thought we’d see how full it was. Of course it was packed, but we got really lucky and landed a table on the mezzanine overlooking the Paddy’s Day partygoers. It was so fun! Traditional Irish music was being played by a musician on guitar, and with every new verse the Irish natives would break out in song, sometimes linking their arms together and swaying in tune. Matt and I got a huge kick out of this, and about 3 Guinness’s later, we were still enjoying the show!

We’ve since returned to The Bank to stop in for a pint or glass of wine. In fact, one of my favorite things about the bar is that the wine is served really cold in chilled wine glasses. The Irish are very proud of their beer, so it is rare that I can find a really good glass of wine at a pub. I can pretty much find a great Guinness anywhere, so I use The Bank as my excuse to have a couple Sauvignon Blanc’s. 🙂 Matt and I should start going to The Bank more often at the start of our night before mingling with the rowdy crowds at the pubs. In fact, maybe we’ll stop by there tonight before making our way out for the evening…

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