Did You Miss Me?

I am officially in Texas! It’s amazing how a little sunshine, cheesy queso, and floating in the pool can make my travel and flight a distant memory. Immediately upon stepping outside and feeling the heat, I knew I’d enjoy what most other Texans are getting tired of. I didn’t even mind the bumper-to-bumper traffic that my mom and I hit after leaving the airport. Visiting with my family has been one of the highlights of my trip so far. First, though, I should tell you about the weekend’s festivities; the event that helped me choose these two weeks to come home: Chris and Kaitlyn’s wedding.

I was honored and excited when Kaitlyn asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. She’s been one of my dearest friends for as long as I can remember, and even though I knew I’d already be in Ireland when the big day hit, there was no way I’d miss out on the opportunity to support her. So, Friday finally rolled around, bringing with it the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal itself went off without a hitch. Kaitlyn and Chris looked giddy and excited for the big day, and all of us in attendance could feel the happy and positive energy in the room. From there we went to their Texas-themed rehearsal dinner. Chris’ sister Britta, who is one of the funniest and entertaining people I’ve ever met, helped put together this inspired meal. The food was delicious BBQ chicken, ribs, corn, etc; the table settings were flowers in Texas-inspired jars; and the bride and groom even had their own homemade “hobby horses” to ride around all night. A picture slideshow took us through the years of their relationship, the speeches were both funny and sweet, and the guests were in high spirits.

From there, a few of us decided the night was young, so we grabbed our bride and groom and took them to downtown McKinney for a little pre-marital celebration. Don’t worry, they brought their hobby horses and waved them high in the air at each other from across the bar all night long. Later in the night, our group was lucky enough to witness a girl fight of epic proportions. Only did we later find out from the best man, who bravely approached one of the girls, what exactly the fight was about. Apparently, they were sisters, and one was missing part of her pancreas. We’ll call her Panny. Panny was at the bar with a group of friends, drinking and enjoying herself. Her sister came barging in yelling at Panny, angry because she didn’t think she should be drinking with a missing pancreas. She slapped Panny across the face, Panny grabbed her by the ponytail, and they both fell to the ground in a fit. If this wasn’t the best pre-wedding show ever, then I don’t know what is!

The next day, Kaitlyn and we bridesmaids were up early for a beautiful bridal brunch. We were pampered with a delicious quiche, coffee cake, bacon, and a champagne punch. If it even appeared as though one of us was getting up to refill a drink, one of our delightful hostesses would swoop in, take the glass, and ask us what we needed. Needless to say, I stayed full until the reception. From there we made our way to the salon to have our hair and makeup done. We made ourselves mimosas, sat back, and let someone else do all of the work. There were a few minor bumps in the road, but Kaitlyn was smart enough to enlist outgoing bridesmaids, because we were not afraid to speak our mind or ask to have something fixed.

The wedding itself was magical, simply put. Kaitlyn looked gorgeous and classic as she made her way down the aisle, even with the tears of happiness on her face. Their minister gave a very personal homily, one that had everyone chuckling. It was beautiful to see two people so happy and ready to start their life together, and I don’t think a single person in that church doubted the love between the two. The reception was held at the Cotton Mill, decorated perfectly by friends in their church congregation. The food was delicious and the merriment was endless. I danced all night long with my sister, the groom, the bride, friends from home, and people I didn’t even know. It was the epitome of a celebration. Around midnight the festivities came to a close, and the newlyweds made their way out. Unfortunately, they chose birdseed for us to throw, and Kaitlyn let me know the next day that a seed was still stuck in her ear. Minus that minor setback, the weekend was beautiful and full of love. I am so glad I was here to share in the celebration!

Oh, and I caught the bouquet… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. Aunt Jen

    Seriously??!!! A girl fight over a pancreas??!!!! I’m still marvelling about it…beyond that, you were all beautiful and I can’t believe you caught the bouquet! What are the chances? 😉

  2. Gina

    Well, you know what that means! Glad you had a great time. sounds like a good time was had by all.

    I wish I could have seen that fight! over a body part. LOL

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