Seasick? No, Sick Overseas

The day was going to come when I finally got sick over here, and that day was yesterday. I’ve been dreading this since I don’t quite trust the healthcare system in Europe, but I knew it would happen eventually. Thanks to a combination of travelling, lack of sleep, and a poor diet recently, I came down with something last night.

Here are some things I’d like to enlighten you on when it comes to being sick abroad. On Sundays, practically everything is closed in Dublin, and that goes for clinics and doctors. I didn’t have anything severe enough to send me to the hospital, but if I wanted some sort of quick fix or prescription, hopping over to my local ECare does not seem to be an option. Well, not until Monday at least. Until then, I’ll depend on the old fashioned way of treatment: rest, fluids, vitamins, and allowing Matt to wait on me hand and foot. 🙂

Also, medicines are different here. For example, one cannot simply walk into the store and buy a bottle of Advil. Their equivalent is a much weaker version, certainly not worth the 75 cents a pill. If you want something stronger you must get a prescription from your doctor. Even then, it’s still not as strong as something like Advil, and you get a very small bottle. Matt’s abundant supply of Advil from America is becoming an office favorite. A 6 foot 5, 240 pound Scottish man was in awe of these little pills after taking a couple from Matt. He had never had pain knocked out so swiftly and successfully before. Matt joked that usually only infants take just two pills. In my case, I’ll be heading into the pharmacy asking for the strongest thing they have for my symptoms, and praying it does the trick.

Finally, the weather. How does that play in? It is August and we are currently experiencing 59 degree temperatures with whipping wind, rain, and fog. Therefore, I cannot so easily pop outside for a little sunshine and Vitamin D to enhance my immunities and mood. Sure, it makes for good “staying in bed and watching a movie” weather, but until I feel better, I won’t be going ANYWHERE. Where’s the sunshine when you need it? In America.

So there is the moaning and groaning, but there are a couple things that make being sick here a lot less painless. For one, it doesn’t suck to have Matt around. Along with his company, he’s a pretty good caretaker. Remind me to reread this post in the future when he gets sick! Also, our apartment is comfortable, making the recuperation process bearable. Finally, and here’s the clincher, I don’t have to call in sick to work tomorrow…

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3 thoughts on “Seasick? No, Sick Overseas

  1. Aunt Jen

    Feel better soon sweetie!! And a big “high five” to Matt for stepping up and taking good care of you…I knew I liked him!

  2. "aunt" Gina

    Note to self. Stock up on OTC drugs from this side of the pond on return trips! Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon and don’t give it to Matt! Paybacks can be hell! 🙂 He sounds like a great guy! a keeper!

    I can totally relate to your drug store story. Vilma left her BP pills at home when we went to Eire in 1991. We spent several hours in a Pharmacy in Waterford with a wonderful pharmacist trying to figure out the European equivalent. It involved a couple of calls to mom’s dr stateside – whom we never spoke to b/c of an office temp who took it upon herself to screen his calls. She wouldn’t even get his head nurse! Didn’t matter that it was an emergency! We just needed a script faxed over. Fortunately, he took care of it the following Monday. the pharmacist did give mom some pills and the script covered her butt. that would NEVER have happened here. 🙂

  3. Aunt Beth

    Hope you are feeling better and back to your usual self. Remember that fluids and sleep go a long way towards a complete and speedy recovery!

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