Jour Deux!

Here it is! Day 2 of my fabulous weekend in Paris! Unfortunately, my Internet has been down the last couple of days, so writing this post proved to be a bit of a challenge until now. Luckily it’s back up and working, and I finally get to share a bit about my second day in the beautiful city.

Outside at The Louvre.

We woke up a little later than planned on Sunday due to the complete exhaustion we were feeling from the excursion the day before. We were really ambitious when we set the original plan for sightseeing, so we decided to cut out Versailles and save it for our trip back at the end of the month. Instead, we made our way to The Louvre for a litte art history and culture. Matt did his research before we left that morning, and rather than head to the museum the traditional way (through the front entrance), we took the Metro to an underground section and entered there. Best idea ever! We did not have to stand in a single line; we walked right up to the counter to purchase a ticket and a bottle of water, breezed through security, and immediately handed over our tickets at the kiosk entrance. Don’t share this tidbit with too many people, though. Let’s just keep it our little secret so that we never encounter a line at The Louvre. 😉

I’m not a huge art buff, nor do I follow the history of artists and their work, but The Louvre is simply magical, and I could have walked through its grand halls for days on end. One can’t go to The Louvre just to see the sculptures and paintings; you have to look all around and notice the marble columns, the intricate stone floors, and the beautifully painted arched ceilings. If all of the hanging artwork were removed from the museum, it would still be an impressive and otherworldly experience. But, that’s not why we go!

The Mona Lisa - from 30 ft. back and zoomed in!

We decided to go directly to The Mona Lisa to get it out of the way so that we could just meander and enjoy the rest of the artwork at a leisurely pace. I was very excited to see this famous piece of art, while my wise-cracking and sometimes obnoxious boyfriend wanted to ask a museum employee, “Is this where Tom Hanks stood in the Da Vinci Code?! No? How about here?!” We found the painting in a very large, very crowded room, protected by glass. I was surprised by how small it was, and unfortunately, they have a rope that keeps you about 30 ft. back, making it a little difficult to see. I patiently squirmed my way through the crowd to the edge of the rope, and did what most all people do when they see The Mona Lisa. Take pictures! Yeah, I wasn’t really pondering her facial expression, or her tight-lipped smile, or her following gaze. I was just happy to be there and wanted to document that moment in time. Matt, on the other hand, made his way to the other side “to see if she looks at me over there too!” She does.

The Venus de Milo.

With The Mona Lisa out of the way, we casually wandered through sections filled with Italian art, Spanish art, and then my favorite, French art. We saw The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Robert’s favorite sculpture Cupid and Psyche, the Venus de Milo, and much more. If we had had more time, I would have loved to see the Egyptian art, but we only had enough time to see the Colossal Statue of Ramesses II. There is so much to see in that museum and it’s not possible to do it in one day, so rather than stress ourselves or rush, we took our time and saw s0me of the highlights. I will definitely go back next time I’m in Paris.

We left The Louvre through the front entrance, where a long line was formed, an hour wait at least. Matt sat down at a fountain to rest his hip while I took some pictures, and then we made our way into the Tuileries Gardens. It was a beautifully sunny day and the flowers were in bloom, so we sat down at a cafe for a beverage. Feeling a bit rested, we then walked on down to the Place de la Concorde to see “Cleopatra’s Needle” or “the Luxor Obelisk.” Fountains were flowing and yet another bride was having portraits done. Since we were having an easier day, we made our way back to the Saint Germain area for another beverage and cheese plate. I poked around a local French boutique and Matt bought me a beautiful white scarf. You can’t go to Paris and leave empty-handed!

Our return flight was scheduled at 9 that evening, so we finally had to say goodbye to Paris. I was completely shocked by how much the city affected me. I completely fell in love and in the cab I began plotting ways to trick Matt into moving us there. My Paris adventures are not over, though; we go back at the end of the month! I’ll leave Matt a little early and spend 4 days until he joins us all for another 5 days. 9 days in Paris! So thank you Robert for your hospitality and helping me make these trips possible!

And to you readers: the next time you catch the “travel” section of my blog, I’ll be writing to you from the streets of Paris…

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One thought on “Jour Deux!

  1. Aunt Jen

    Oh my! How perfectly wonderful!! I can’t wait to see what 9 full days there produces! So glad it was such a great trip…you’re a very lucky girl seeing all of Europe like this!!! By the way,I would have liked to see where Tom Hanks stood too…

    One more thing: What happened to Matt’s hip? Is he ok?

    Hugs and kisses to you!

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