It is officially my favorite weekend of the college football season! The Red River Rivalry will ensue in about an hour and even though I’m in Paris, we’ve found a bar to watch the game and I will be there in my Oklahoma jersey. Unfortunately, the Longhorn’s loss last week doesn’t help our standings as much as an undefeated team would, but the luster of the game is still the same for me.

Along with this game, some other important spectacles to watch will be: #1 Alabama vs. #7 Florida, and #4 Oregon vs. #9 Stanford. In my perfect world, Florida will win, but then lose to someone else at a later date. Also, I’m hoping Stanford will win and then lose to USC next week, since a USC win doesn’t affect the rest of us at all. Sorry Matt.

A short pre-game post, but I had to pop in to express my anticipation for today’s game, and of course to throw out a BOOMER SOONER!

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One thought on “BOOMER SOONER

  1. "aunt" Gina

    hmmm. I know who Chrissy is routing for. 🙂 didn’t know we had a big rivalry in the family. May the best team win. 😉

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