Coffee for Newcomers

Though the weather forecast said otherwise yesterday, we awoke this morning to cold, hazy skies. I would have been bummed out, except I had another American Women’s Club coffee to attend. This one was specific and special, as it was titled the “Newcomer’s Coffee,” giving me a chance to meet even more newbies like myself. I could ignore the gloomy weather with light conversation and a warm cup of coffee in hand.

The coffee was held at the home of a woman whom I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know. Just last weekend we both attended a dinner party at our friend’s home, and it was a delightful evening. Matt finally got to meet some of my new friends, I met their husbands, and we all had a lovely time conversing and exchanging stories. Today she hosted the newcomers in her beautiful home, located in an area of town just by the coast. The board members were instructed to provide snacks for the table, and since I am now officially on the board of the Club as secretary, I brought an apple crumble. Don’t worry, it was store-bought. I may love to cook, but baking is completely foreign to me!

At a recent AWCD potluck lunch.

There were a few familiar faces mixed in with the newcomers I haven’t met yet. Our President, Anne, was there, as well as women on the hospitality team and some from the board. It was nice not to feel so shiny and new, since I’ve met women at the meetings, hillwalking, and other events. I also like the knowledge I have and the confidence I bring to those who are newer when asked about activities and philanthropy – I am the newest addition to the philanthropic team! However, I am still considered new, so there was a lot to be offered by attending this coffee morning.

For one, I met some really nice women from places like Michigan, Arkansas, and Illinois. Our Arkansas addition is younger like me, so we hit it off immediately and exchanged visa stories. She told me one horrendous story in which she was actually deported from Ireland. They didn’t believe that her partner was living here and even after they talked to him on the phone, they decided it wasn’t good enough and placed her on a plane that dumped her in Chicago. The flight attendant felt so bad for her, that she arranged a connecting flight to her home in Arkansas immediately upon their arrival in America. She has a legitimate visa now and experiences no problems, but all of us women listening were still horrified, and I made a mental note to check on the status of my current visa application.

I always drink too much coffee at these things, but it really was the perfect way to spend my Wednesday morning. My apple crumble was devoured and we even set into motion a Halloween charity fundraiser for our Club’s philanthropy. I left to meet Matt for lunch – on Wednesdays, an open-air market takes place outside of his office – and then I came home to bundle up under a blanket to write. This will be an American Women’s Club week, with a board meeting tomorrow night, and then Astrology Night at our President’s home on Friday. And I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Here I am, fulfilling my ever important secretarial duties at our meeting!

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