Coffee for One, Please

A little look at the fountains and tree in the courtyard of the Town Centre. The view is from a our seat at dinner one evening.

It’s been a busy week, what with a failed final installment on a great series, a new member coffee gathering, a Women’s Club board meeting last night, and Astrology Night this evening. I had planned on going hillwalking this morning and was looking forward to it, but I unfortunately woke up with a sore throat. Instead, I dropped Matt off at work and made my way over to the Town Centre by our apartment to do a little relaxing and shopping.

I believe I’ve only briefly mentioned our Town Centre one other time a really long time ago. In essence, it’s really more like a mall. However, at the back of the mall is a courtyard with a huge tree that lights up at night, surrounded by all different types of restaurants. Just beyond the courtyard is a grassy area that hosts the Wednesday night outdoor movie. If you continue walking next to the grassy area, there are even more restaurants, all including little outdoor seating areas. All in all, the Town Centre is really nice, it opens early, and best of all, it has a Starbucks.

My first destination was my favorite bookstore these days, Hughes & Hughes. I’m only guessing, but based on their name, I would think they are related to Barnes & Noble somehow. With all of the quaint little bookstores in Dublin, you’re probably wondering why I choose to go to a chain. Frankly, I am in a reading rut and the employees of this particular store are so passionate about what they read, I’m bound to find something good. Not only do they have a constantly changing wall dedicated to “staff picks,” but when you check out, they’ve more than likely read the book you set on the counter, and will comment on your selection whether you ask them to or not. If they don’t comment, I’ve usually taken this to mean I’m buying a dud. Today I grabbed a book with an eye-catching cover (who ever said “don’t judge a book by its cover” was crazy) and when I set it on the counter, the cashier said, “ooooh, this one is really good.” Success! And she didn’t stop there, oh no. She then went on to ask me if I’d read this other book, to which I replied that I hadn’t, so she went running off to grab it. When she came back she gushed about how it became one of her favorite books of all time, that I must simply buy it, and if I didn’t like it, to bring it back to her for a full refund. What’s not to like about these people and their store?!

Yes, I shamelessly took pictures to prove my point, don't judge me! Notice: two strollers, baby in the air, an entire corner overtaken...

So, with two new books under my arm, I made my way to Starbucks to grab a coffee and start reading. This was a big, huge mistake. I should’ve known, because not just two or three weeks ago, I experienced the same problems as I did today. And this is why: Starbucks happens to be baby and toddler central during the weekday mornings. Ugh! Whatever happened to sitting down in one of those comfy, plush chairs in the corner with your coffee, listening to the soft Starbucks soundtracks, reading your favorite book, studying, or even working on your novel? The first time I came to this Starbucks location, it was to write. Today I came to read. And both times I’ve been overwhelmed by the sounds of cooing, chatter amongst mothers, crying, whining, etc. Don’t get me wrong, children can be awfully cute. But I don’t have one, I don’t currently want one, and coffeehouses are supposed to be for us starving artists! I guess from now on I’ll have to search out a quiet cafe instead.

More of them making their way in...

Though my morning didn’t quite happen as planned, I did get my grocery shopping done, I bought some snacks for my evening of astrology, and I walked through the front door with two books that are sure to end my literary funk. In the meantime, I think I’ll be making good use of my coffee pot at home, heating up the fireplace, and curling up on the couch where nothing can distract me.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee for One, Please

  1. Merlinda

    Bahaha I love you ems. I bet the people who’s children you have photographed and posted on the internet love you more though. Just sayin’.

    • Let’s just say I decided it was my journalistic obligation to document the evidence for my story. And besides, they were too busy making googley-eyes at their kids to even notice me, haha!

  2. patty

    Okay, as a mother who has been stuck in the house with children who could drive me crazy, I think it is our right to experience good coffee in a nice atmosphere more than you “starving artists.” We have a thankless job and deserve our coffee! Just saying. Oh, and starving? Really? Mothers Unite!!!!!!

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