Matt has officially been living in Ireland for a year now and I’ve been here since June. In all of this time we haven’t gone down to see the animals in the Airfield, even though every single day we see them from our apartment. We’ve watched the sheep run around, jumping on mud piles and crashing into each other. We’ve watched new baby cows appear, frightened to stray too far from their mother, but then weeks later running around without a care. We’ve seen a single, grey pig roll around in the muck, only to have his home over-run with children a couple months later. All of this happens just yards away from our apartment, separated by a single fence, and we’d yet to experience it all first-hand. Until yesterday…

First, a little about the Airfield. It is a 35 acre estate consisting of a working farm, gardens, and cafe funded by a Charitable Trust that operates for educational and recreational purposes. It is a non-profit organization that keeps their land maintained and beautiful for the animals and the public. A brochure that I picked up while we were there detailed the different upcoming events through December; concerts, Halloween festivities, book trades, etc. It is more than just a farm; it is a place where people and children can come together to learn about gardening, animals, and the environment.

We awoke on a beautiful Saturday morning to sunny skies and fairly warm weather, considering what the temperature has been lately. Thanks to the time change, college football wouldn’t be starting until early evening, so I immediately asked Matt if he wanted to finally go to the Airfield. We grabbed our jackets and set out on foot for what would be about a 10 minute walk. In a nutshell, the Airfield is exactly what we see from the apartment. The gardens and walkways are perfectly manicured, but only so much so that it doesn’t kill the farm-like nature of the area. We were able to feed the cows, but the sheep tended to run the other direction. There was a clove of scarecrows that we’ve seen children making on the weekends, a vegetable garden, and a quaint little cafe. The best part, though, were the pigs. The snorting and the rolling around was hilarious. They were crashing into each other, digging their snouts in the mud, and just creating a scene.

By the time we were finished, the clouds had rolled in and it was starting to get chilly. We’d had just about enough of the outdoors, so we went to the Rockfield – the pub in our complex – and warmed up with a couple Guinness and some dinner. I’ll probably check out some of the Airfield’s upcoming events, but other than that, I think we’ll continue to just enjoy the animals from the comfort of our warm and cozy apartment.

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One thought on “E-I-E-I-O

  1. Jaclyn Long

    I thought the pictures of your apartment looked like the ones we saw around airfield! That was my favorite place when I visited Dublin in 2008!

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