Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately, Halloween falls on the lower end of the spectrum for holidays that I actually appreciate. I can certainly understand why so many people enjoy, rather glorify, Halloween, with the costumes, candy, and just downright opportunity to act utterly stupid without criticism. I, on the other hand, am not the biggest fan. For one, it is a holiday centered around sweets, and for anyone who knows me well at all, they know I don’t like sweets. Secondly, Halloween has turned into an opportunity for young women to wear scantily clad outfits in public. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve always preferred to “cover up” and stay classy when dressing day-to-day, and Halloween is no exception. Just ask my college girlfriends; on Friday and Saturday nights I could be heard asking, “is this dress too short?” and then changing into jeans no matter their answer. Finally, the work and expectations behind finding a great costume can be overwhelming. No one wants to show up to the party in the “lame” costume.

My senior year of college is the best example of my unwillingness to participate in Halloween. College is a time for taking risks, making mistakes, and simply enjoying yourself. For the most part, I did all of this in college and will remember those years fondly. But on October 31st, 2007, the pressure to find an amazing costume and join the masses in their idiotic celebration became too much. So, I sat on my front porch with a bowl of candy, waiting for trick-o-treaters like all the other parents in the town. While all of my friends ran amok all night long, I relaxed, read a good book, and then picked them up at the end of the night.

At this point you may be thinking that I’m officially the Scrooge of Halloween. That is entirely not the case. I completely understand why people love this holiday, I enjoy watching kids go completely bonkers for candy, and I’ll even participate if a good costume and party cross my path. Luckily, I’ve found a perfect match in Matt, because he is not the biggest fan of Halloween either. Whew! I foresee a future of apathy on the 31st every year, and I am completely okay with that. This year, though, I had to set aside my opinions, because the Women’s Club would be participating in a Halloween charity event, and it is my duty to support charity.

My friend Carrie, who is a member of the Club, helped host a Halloween party at Ely’s Wine Bar. They had decided to host the party in the name of a charity, and so Carrie chose to support the Club’s charity, the ISPCC (Irish Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). Entrance to the party was free, food was provided, there was a cash bar, and a donation bucket was placed out. Since I am not only a member of the Club, but also on the Philanthropic committee, I felt that I should attend and support our charity. And of course, I dragged Matt along. 🙂 Rather than spend a fortune on costumes that would end up in the back of our closet, we improvised with what we had. I dressed up as a Heisman-winning, zombie, Sooner football player and Matt went as a paintballer. With a little makeup and fake blood we were looking pretty good. Once at Ely’s, we met up with Karen, the Philanthropic chair, enjoyed some drinks and the music, and watched people make fools of themselves (in the best way possible). Toward the end of the night, an announcement was made to support the charity with donations, so I grabbed the bucket, made my way to the dance floor, and danced around while people pulled out their cash and donated. Fortunately, everyone was rather drunk at this point, so I was getting 10’s and 20’s. One particularly drunk individual gave me 40 euro and then swayed off. I would feel bad for taking advantage of their inebriated state, except their donations are helping children.

In the end, it was a good party and pretty good fun. I will admit that I actually had fun dressing up. Anything for a good cause… 


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