To Read or Not to Read…

I’ve recently been working my way out of a reading funk, slowly and one book at a time. It isn’t easy to feel passionate about literature when a dud falls into your hands, leaving you disappointed and underwhelmed. I thought diving back into the young adult genre with Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins, would provide the means for literary resurrection, but that failed me. It wasn’t until Embers, by Sándor Márai, that I finally started to enjoy reading again. Now, I am pleased to finally say that I am back in the game!

Thank you, Clockwork Angel, and Cassandra Clare, for having such an imagination and colorful voice! Yes, I’ve reverted back to fantasy as my genre of choice, and thank God for that. The language may not have been deep and many of the subplots were superficial, but both of those are easy to ignore when one finds themselves completely immersed in a story. Enter Shadowhunters, warlocks, fairies, vampires, demons, and much more for a fast-paced, adventurous ride.

The story follows Tessa Gray, who is moving to England to join her brother after her last surviving family member has died. Upon arrival, she is thrown into London’s Downworld and discovers that there is much more to her than she’s ever known. She meets very interesting characters in a quest to find her brother: Will, a handsome, yet egocentric young man with two very different sides; Jem, his silver-haired sidekick with the kindest heart; Charlotte and Henry, the married couple that run the institute; and a whole slew of fantastical creatures. Of course, there is a romantic side story, but what kind of self-respecting young adult novel would be complete without teenage angst?

As the stories wove a web of conflicts and excitement, I found myself immersed. I’m pretty sure there were times when Matt would try to start a conversation with me, only to realize my mind was in a completely different place altogether. If you are looking for something fun with a mix of dark and evil, then Clockwork Angel is the book for you. And I happily discovered that this is not the first book by Cassandra Clare! She has The Mortal Instruments series, which I reckon I will be picking up tomorrow. Happy reading!

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