White Frost and Glittering Gold

Christinabelle Jewelry

Yep, that serving platter has some of the pâté I devoured at the Christinabelle Jewelry party!

Ah, the 1st of December. For many, this indicates the end of beautiful autumn and the beginning of snowy winter. Christmas trees have now become an acceptable centerpiece in homes across the world and children dream of the day that light sprinklings of snow will descend upon the thinning trees. For this young individual, snow is becoming a constant force to reckon with in my daily proceedings. We’ve been receiving sporadic downpours of it since the early end of November, and by now I’m becoming slightly irritated with the slush and my freezing ears. My cold, wet, and tired feet are paying the price; recently, my socks got completely soaked through my shoes and I had to dry them on the radiator at work. That’s not embarrassing.

Yesterday was the worst weather by far and I found myself stranded at work at around 4. My mode of transportation, the LUAS, was closed due to iced tracks in 2 stops, and I was no where close to home. When I finally found an unoccupied taxi, the snow was coming down like rain and hundreds of people were walking on the LUAS tracks in an attempt to use the shortest walking route home. At one point, our cab got stuck on a small hill, wheels spinning, and I was still far from home. With the help of a bystander, I got out and we pushed the cab to the top of the hill. I hopped back in yelling thanks to my helper and crossed my fingers that there were no more hills en route to my apartment. With a little luck on our side, I got back to my warm and cozy abode, dinner waiting thanks to Matt. 🙂

Christinabelle Jewelry

Christinabelle Jewelry - so pretty! And there's Karen at the end 🙂

Yet, amidst the gloom and extremely icy conditions, it hasn’t been all bad. Last Monday evening, when the weather was just starting to take a turn for the worst, a Women’s Club charity event was set to take place. Combine a cozy cafe with custom-made Christinabelle Jewelry, free wine, free appetizers, and I would’ve braved most weather conditions to participate! The event took place at Barista’s Cafe and Wine Bar just 2 LUAS stops away from my apartment and at that point it wasn’t experiencing any problems. I bundled up in my peacoat, boots, gloves, scarf, and grabbed my umbrella to make my out in the cold.

Christinabelle Jewelry hosted the event, with 20% of her sales going to our charity, the ISPCC. Karen, our Philanthropic Chair, was there and even baked cupcakes for the ladies in attendance. Unfortunately, only a small handful of us were able to attend, thanks to the weather, but it was still a successful event. I enjoyed two delicious glasses of red wine and ate my weight in pâté. For the first half of the night, I sat with the other women chatting and enjoying the hor d’oeuvres. The second half was spent browsing through the beautiful jewelry. There was a good mix of classic and funky jewelry, and the prices ranged from very affordable to “I think I’ll just gaze at this for awhile.” I purchased 2 beautiful pieces for 2 lucky ladies (Christmas gifts, I can’t spoil the surprise!). As far as I could tell, none of the ladies in attendance could say no to the glamorous display, each leaving with a piece or two of their own.

So, Dublin, bring it on. Bring on the snow and the cold, because you haven’t stopped me from attending an event. I’ve even dried my socks on the radiator and helped push a cab up a hill. I won’t let the winter blues get me down, not when I’ve got all kinds of Christmas parties coming up!

Christinabelle Jewelry

Christinabelle Jewelry

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