Black Tie and Christmas Cheer

I’m sad to say it’s been well over a week since my last post. Between my work at Suas, submission of my first published article (yea!), events, and Christmas extravaganzas, I’ve been a very busy gal. I’ll try to hit the key points as best I can, especially our main event of the season, because it’s officially time to rededicate myself to my readers. Why call this a “series of Emily’s European adventures” if I don’t chronicle them?

Standing outside in the freezing cold collecting for Suas!

Last week held a variety of activities for me, including drinks with girlfriends, fundraising for Suas by way of street collecting in Christmas hats, an appointment with a dress designer to pick the perfect one for Matt’s company Christmas party, and pampering galore for the same gala. Not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner, leaving me with very little time to shop before heading home for the holidays. By Friday I was pretty exhausted, so a night in with Matt to rest before the big party was in order.

Saturday finally rolled around, bringing with it Matt’s company Christmas party, a night that was highly anticipated as I was absent the year before. Held at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, the party was a black tie gala complete with a poker tournament and 4-course meal. For the event, I wore a one-shoulder, long, midnight blue dress with matching roses stitched into the strap. My hair was pulled up into a classic chignon and I completed the look with a mix of pearls and gold jewellery. Matt looked extremely dapper in his black tuxedo, bow tie, and pocket watch (a gift from yours truly).

Matt playing in the poker tournament.

Matt played in the poker tournament, drawing the attention of the entire crowd when he made it to the finals and eventually won it for his team. After the tournament came dinner in the beautiful winter-themed dining hall. The meal itself started with a goat cheese appetizer, potato leek soup to follow, a choice of chicken or beef main course, and a multitude of desserts.  The whole time the wait staff kept the wine flowing, while classic Christmas music mixed with an array of soft jazz completed the ambience. Matt and I sat at a table with a few friends and made some new ones, and by the time dinner was over, we were ready to move onto round 2 – of 3 rounds – for the evening.

Following dinner, DJs took to the stage to provide music for dancing, while an open bar made itself available to all. Cuban cigar rollers, who were actually flown in from Cuba, rolled unique and individual cigars for anyone interested. That was something even I, who is not an avid cigar smoker, could not pass up. Matt and I rotated between the throng of smokers outside, to watching the dancers inside until it was time for round 3.

At dinner - unfortunately this was the only picture I got. But a friend took a better one that I'll post when I receive it!

Round 3 was an after-party at the club downstairs. I can only say so much about this aspect of the evening. What I will leave you with is a mental picture of people in formal wear, thumping music, expensive champagne, and extremely good times. We didn’t head home until 6 in the morning – that’s right, 6 in the morning. Needless to say, Sunday was spent either in bed or on the couch and I was asleep very early Sunday evening. It was well worth it though; I had a fantastic time, enjoyed spending it with Matt and our friends, and I now have a gorgeous gown to wear to another event!

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