The Gate Holds the Stage

There is nothing like living in a new city with new sights: the pubs, churches, architecture, hills, sheep, etc. In a city like Dublin, the possibilities are endless. And now, I can add the theatre to this list. Theatre here in Dublin is very popular and it seems as though something new is being brought to the stage just about every week. This could partly be because of the abundant venues available to host plays, musicals, comedy shows, dance exhibitions, and much more. Right now Aladdin is playing at The Gaiety Theatre, The Script is performing at The Olympia Theatre on Friday, Scrooge is on at the Grand Canal Theatre, and that’s just to name a few. As I was travelling on the LUAS the other day, I noticed an ad on the side of a wall for Jane Eyre at The Gate Theatre. Charlotte Brontë’s, Jane Eyre, has easily been my favorite story since the moment I turned the final page. Therefore, I booked 2 tickets for this past Tuesday and made a night of it with Matt.

We started the night with a fantastic meal at Il Segreto. Between their wine and cocktail lists, soft lighting, and a delicious mix of Irish and Italian cuisine, Matt and I were in heaven. I will say, though, that I wish I had ordered the same as Matt. He enjoyed a filet mignon with a béarnaise sauce and french fries. My mushroom risotto was nothing to complain about, but I rarely enjoy a good steak over here, and I regretted my decision halfway through the meal. Luckily, my generous boyfriend made sure to share some with me. 🙂

An actual still shot from our show.

After dinner, we made our way over to The Gate Theatre, a landmark building for over 250 years. This building stood in the 18th century and we have now spent one night of those hundreds of years within its walls. Established as a theatre company in 1928, actors like Orson Welles began their acting careers there. In person, it certainly does not disappoint. It is small, allowing every seat in the audience an unobstructed view of the stage. The only downside to its size was that Matt felt a bit cramped throughout, due to his long and lanky stature. The raked stage slants downward, allowing better views for the audience. In the halls, audience members crowded the wooden bar both up and downstairs. Matt and I enjoyed a glass of wine and a scotch at intermission, while others savored tea or coffee in unique cups and saucers.

The show itself was fantastic. To signal the start of the show, an usher came in a side door and the audience quickly hushed. He announced where the exits were located and to turn off cell phones. Directed by Alan Stanford, the interpretation of Brontë’s novel was splendid and did not miss a beat. I could feel the angst and love between Jane and Mr. Rochester, while the mystery of who hides upstairs added an exciting element. I thought the actors played their parts magnificently and the stage directions were on point. Entering the show, I was slightly worried that my favorite story would be sullied by a mediocre portrayal. Not only was this not the case, but I was delighted to have it so vividly depicted. I shouldn’t be surprised, as it has received wonderful reviews by local media.

And so, it is a simple thing to add the theatre to my list of things to do here in Dublin. Even Matt had a wonderful time, claiming that he enjoyed dinner, the theatre, and even the show itself (he was worried the romantic drama wouldn’t be quite his taste). It’s certainly a good thing he enjoyed it, too, because I have my eye on other shows coming up.

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One thought on “The Gate Holds the Stage

  1. Aunt Jen

    I’m a little disappointed now that Matt didn’t blog on your FB during the play! hehehe…..

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