Back Into the Swing of Things

Today I attended the American Women’s Club’s first meeting back since the holidays. I’ve been really looking forward to this, because I haven’t seen all of the ladies in awhile. December was a slower month for Club activities and I came home for most of the time, so today was a great chance to see everyone and catch up. Thanks to the Club, I’ll be fulfilling one of my New Year’s Resolutions very shortly, too. More on that later.

Our meetings are always held at the Bewley’s Hotel in Ballsbridge, so it was a familiar sight when I stepped into the Thomas Prior Hall. I met a few new members and told them about Club activities and events. It was quite the change from 6 months ago when I went to my first meeting, wide-eyed and curious. I hope that I made them feel at ease and and optimistic about opportunities to make friends in this foreign land. I know that many of the women did that for me my first time around. In return, one of the new gals told me about her visa woes and her advice. The more information, the better, as I’m still trying to secure a visa!

I fulfilled my secretarial duties once again and enjoyed being back with my European/American friends. I announced the February Philanthropy, which I happen to be putting together. This brings me back to my New Year’s Resolution to do more charity work in 2011. I am putting together (of course with the help of the Philanthropic committee) an American Chili Cook-Off and Poker Tournament. Matt’s company is partnering with us to help host the poker tournament, the women in the Club are cooking the chili, and our local pub, The Rockfield, is hosting the event. All combined, we should raise quite a bit for the ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and provide a fun and exciting evening for Club members and friends. Not to mention, our friends at the Rockfield will see some major business that evening!

By the end of the meeting, and after two fantastic speakers, I felt like I was really back “home.” I’m starting to really build some friendships here, which is a major plus on top of traveling and being with Matt. Of course, I’m already missing family and my close friends from home, but like my first post of 2011 predicted, I think this year is going to be interesting and full of new experiences.

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One thought on “Back Into the Swing of Things

  1. Merlinda

    I love this post Ems (a lot!). The chili cook off/poker tourney sound like a ton of fun and as always, I love and admire your super postive attitude and spirit.
    I love you and look forward to seeing you next!

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