Who Broke Wind…?

I know I’ve talked a lot about the weather in Ireland in past blog posts, but I just can’t help but dwell on something that is such an adjustment. I think the only reason I haven’t gone crazy is that weather in Oklahoma wasn’t always so lovely or predictable. However, I’ve gotten used to a certain climate over the past 2 years in Dallas, one that I’m missing just a bit. Now, I know they recently got snow almost immediately after our departure back to Ireland. But I also know snow in Dallas is nothing like the crazy weather we’ve been seeing up here in Ireland and the UK. I guess I should’ve been thrilled to leave the beautiful Dallas weather before the snow hit to return to mild conditions in Ireland, but those mild conditions only lasted a couple of days.

We opened the window to cut down the noise and pulled the curtain to slow the heat from escaping. Look what the vortex outside did as a result!

What do we have now? Wind. This wind is so fierce and out of control, it is stopping people dead in their tracks. Now add rain. Yep, fierce hurricane-like wind and rain. Forget about carrying an umbrella; it won’t stay open for 2 seconds. I opted for a taxi ride this morning, rather than a 20 minute walk from the LUAS to Suas, and boy was I glad. From the comfort of the warm, cushy seat (well, as cushy as a cab can get), I watched as women clutched scarves tied around their heads in an attempt to feel some relief in pursuit of their destination.

The worst part of it all is that our apartment isn’t exactly situated in the most ideal location to handle this wind. We are set just at the bottom of the Dublin mountains, not far from the coast. Therefore, the wind works its way up the mountain, only to come rushing down the other side, and in hot pursuit of our complex. Also, we are the very top floor apartment, with nothing above us to shield the full force. It is a wind tunnel of sorts, culminating in the sound of a large-engined train rattling through the apartment. Our front door is on the inner part of the building, with no outside elements directly in its path, and it still rattles with the force of our “wind tunnel.” There is a constant “whistling” noise that only dissipates if we crack a window. Though this does ease the high pitched sound, it’s only a matter of time before the force of the wind slams said window shut.

Basically, this has resulted in very little sleep. Try as I might, nothing helps; not a pillow over my head, earplugs, or a combination of the two. A coworker at Suas even said I looked unusually tired today (yes, we are working this weekend – more explanation to come at a later date). I don’t know how long this weather is expected to last, though I can’t even trust the reports over here since the weather is so unpredictable. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up, because I don’t think this is going anywhere anytime soon.

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