Busy as a Bee

I have been a bad blogger. I’ve had every intention of writing for the past few days, and now I will finally give my faithful readers something to munch on. Just because I haven’t been blogging, it doesn’t mean that life has slowed down at all. In fact, it picked up, leaving me tired and wanting a foot rub at the end of each day. In this edition, I will give you a little snippet of a few of the activities I’ve been getting into.

Here, Desiree is telling us all stories of the house. Unfortunately, my flash was caught in the mirror, but just check out the beautiful room.

I recently attended a lunch at the historic Mahaffy House, thanks to my connections in the American Women’s Club. The Mahaffy House is the restored home of Oscar Wilde’s tutor, Sir John Mahaffy. When the fashionable area was abandoned, it became a brothel; then, in 1967, Dublin socialite, Desiree Shortt, bought it for 8,000 pounds. Since then she has restored a once dilapidated and run-down home into one of the most beautiful and desirable residences in Dublin. And who better to host our group and give us a tour than Desiree herself! She told us many entertaining stories of her time in the home while we waited with a glass of wine in her sitting room. We then enjoyed a divine lunch including a smoked salmon appetizer and a stuffed chicken with vegetables for our main. Desiree waltzed her way around the room, chatting with all of the women and making sure everything was perfect. It was.

Our table setup for lunch in the red room.

This past Friday I hosted a book club at my apartment for a group of girlfriends. I stumbled across this group of girls through a friend I made in the Women’s Club. She had been attending this book club for awhile with some friends and invited me to one at her home. After a wine-filled and fantastic evening, I had a new group of friends and wanted to host the next gathering. Now, we have no ordinary book club. Instead of choosing a book and then discussing it a month later, we all bring a book we’ve read and enjoyed, give a brief description, and then throw it in the pot for anyone to take home. On Friday, I put out a buffet of American-style food, since most of the gals are American and I wanted them to feel at home. 🙂 We had ranch dip, Hanky Panky’s, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, pasta salad, and more. These gatherings tend to turn into a gab fest, with only a brief mention of our books throughout the evening. However, I like it that way, because now book club has become the code phrase for “girl’s gathering” and I have fun every time!

Add to these events a short trip to the National Gallery of Ireland to check out a limited-time display of Rembrant, van Gogh, and Picasso, and you’ve got a girl who should be ready to take a break. However, it is the first of February and in less than 2 weeks I’ll be seeing Italy and Switzerland. I don’t think I’ll be taking much of a break for quite awhile, so I promise to be a better blogger!

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2 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Pop

    Let me get this straight…Lunch at an historic home, dinner and drinks with the book club, and a museum visit with Rembrandt, van Gogh and Picasso. No wonder you’re exhausted! Rough life there kid!!!

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I really shouldn’t complain. I have young feet and and can’t believe I get these opportunities!

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