Black and Gold

My special edition Superbowl Terrible Towel!

The Superbowl has come and gone, and the Packers get to claim the title. I really had no preference, as I’m a die-hard Colts fan, yet that didn’t make the game any less exciting. Everything about watching the Superbowl made me feel so American in this foreign land, and that’s a nice thing to feel! I loved the commercials in between, because advertising over here just does not compare to advertisements back home. Of course, the Superbowl doesn’t happen without a blunder or two, so I found it highly amusing that Christina Aguilera messed up the words to the National Anthem (hey, it’s a hard song). Most of all, I loved sitting in a large room with a ton of Americans, cheering, groaning, and reacting to the great sport of American football!

Matt and I went to the American Embassy for the game this year, which was a huge treat. I secured the invite through connections with the American Women’s Club, so we had a group of friends to watch the game with. 🙂 The American Ambassadors here in Dublin are the Rooneys, the owners of the Steelers, which made the showing even more special. Even though they were at the game in Arlington, we were given special edition Superbowl Terrible Towels. I wore gold and black, because I had to show my loyalty to the great hosts for the evening. The Marines set up a cash bar, with the proceeds going to their charity, and hot dogs, Doritos, and pizza were set out. The Superbowl wouldn’t have been complete without American junk food and beer!

Decked out in my black and gold - black jeans, black blazer, gold shirt, tan shoes, and golden hair! 😉

Seeing the Embassy is definitely something I’m glad I got to do. On the outside, one wonders what it must look like. The entire building is round in shape, with beautiful courtyards surrounding. Getting in is hard, but that is to be expected. Once in, you enter an atrium called the “rotunda.” Balconies are provided for the offices on the 3 floors, and they face the center of the structure where there is a huge projector screen and couches. The building was built in the 60s and the style is really reminiscent of that decade. To get a glimpse of the outside of the Embassy and read more information about the structure itself, check out their website.

Our friends ended up leaving towards the end of the 3rd, so Matt and I finished the game down at the Rockfield with a bunch of his work buddies. We were up until the wee hours of the morning, but the sacrifice was well worth it. We were lucky enough to be special guests at the American Embassy for an evening, we managed to catch the full game and it’s commercials, and we were surrounded by Americans all night!

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  1. "aunt" Gina

    very cool!

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