Wine by Candlelight

I love having dinner here every time we go!

In honor of February, the month of love, I think it’s time to update the “Nightlife” section with my favorite restaurant in Dublin. How does a piece on my favorite retaurant have anything to do with love? This tapas restaurant was one of the first Matt and I went to during my stay last March (almost a year ago!), and then for my last birthday. It’s romantic setting, generously-filled glasses of wine, and delicious tapas-style cuisine, makes it my go-to place now when I want to dress up and go on a date with Matt.

When you enter The Port House, you immediately feel like your walking down into a Spanish wine cellar and your presence there should be special and secret. The ambience is dark, with candles providing the only source of light. Most of the tables are set around the perimeter against benches that are built into the stone wall. The setting is intimate and I fell in love just moments upon entering. Recently, a new location was opened up right around the corner at the Dundrum Town Centre, but the wait is always so long, and I don’t yet know how it compares to the City Centre location. I’m guessing it’s just as great since we can never seem to get in!

As for the food and wine: yum, yum, yum! They serve traditional Spanish tapas and an array of wines, ports, and sherries. If you order a wine by the glass, there are two sizes, and they generously fill the larger size (I’m assuming the smaller glass, as well ;-)). Some of my favorite dishes have included: foie gras sliders; croquetas jamon (croquettes filled with ham and a creamy cheese); a mini sirloin steak marinated in garlic; paella, of course; and deep fried potato cubes topped with smashed fried eggs. The first time I tried the delicious fried potato cubes, I popped one of the fried eggs right off of the little plate and onto the floor! Don’t worry, I gently swept it under the bench…

Now, I didn’t think that I’d ever be able to go to The Port House with anyone other than Matt, but it’s just too good to squander. I have to take my parents when they come, as well as my friends visiting in the summer (you know who you are!). I also envision a fantastic girl’s night with my gals in Dublin at this restaurant, because finger foods and copious amounts of wine can’t hurt a girly gathering, right?! In the meantime, savor your last moments of February and think of that one place you love to go with, well, your lover!


Wine and tapas in a candlelit setting.

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4 thoughts on “Wine by Candlelight

  1. Kaitlyn Froehlich

    WOOOOOO!! Sounds delicious. Your friend will be lucky to try it.

  2. "aunt" Gina

    Love Tapas. the paella and the fried potatoes sound wonderful! we have a Tapas place in NKY. they used to have bacon wrapped dates served with a current sauce. OMG, those were awesome! of course they change the menus up. 🙂 you can drink the wine for me. 😉 Grew up drinking it when my italian grandparents came to visit. Now, grandpa did have a knack for mixing wines and sometimes hit on something I really liked. 🙂 You live the life, girl!

    • Mmmm, that place sounds awesome! They change up their menu, as well. The first time I went they didn’t have the foie gras sliders, but they did on my birthday.

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