I hope that by writing this I am not completely jinxing things, but the weather here has been delightful lately. I feel like this post needs to happen, because most other weather-related posts I’ve done in the past have centered around the unfortunate weather Dublin receives. I can’t always whine, so I think you must know that these days, we’ve been getting pretty lucky.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that after taking the LUAS into town, I then have a 15-20 minute walk to Suas. This can be highly stressful when the rain is coming down and the wind is whipping. Last week, I had the pleasure of walking in the sunshine, with my jacket unbuttoned. The temperature has been surprisingly pleasant. Yes, it can be pretty frigid in the morning, but as the day wears on, the temperature creeps up and can make it to the mid-50s. Now, my Texas friends are probably laughing right now, because I’m sure they are already enjoying 60-70 degree weather (in fact, I’m pretty positive about that, because my dear mother likes to show me the open windows on Skype ;-)). My argument to all of you – when you are sweltering in the Texas summer heat, seeking air conditioning, and burning on the leather of the seats in your car, I will be frolicking outside in the warm sunshine that will typically stay somewhere in the 70s. So there.

I’ve been taking advantage of this weather, because who knows when this bipolar island will decide to send us cold and rain. I walk a little slower to and from work, I’ve been exercising outside, and we open the windows in the evenings to enjoy the fresh, crisp air. We’ve been grilling more than usual and I’ve even had the courage to leave the umbrella at home once or twice. *GASP!* I’m crossing my fingers that these glorious days will continue when my parents are here, but I’m not betting on it. I know it’s supposed to rain on Thursday and Friday, but maybe Ireland will throw us a curveball and that prediction will change.

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