Through this blog I’ve celebrated accomplishments, given my perspective on Europe, lamented the changes that are hard to get used to, and basically created a space to share all of my experiences while overseas. There have been great positives in my time here: the American Women’s Club of Dublin, Suas, my new friends, beautiful Ireland, the opportunity to travel, and a chance to step outside of my comfort zone. There have also been adjustments that were hard to make: the weather, driving differently, leaving my family and friends behind, visa woes, and a different way of life. Last night, I experienced a definite downside to being so far from home without access to normally scheduled programming. My favorite show on television, Greek, ended unexpectedly, without any warning.

Why was I not given warning? Television in Ireland is not the same as television back home. They have different programs, different stations, and different commercials. Matt and I watch all of our favorite shows online a day after they air. Because we have different advertising and commercials, I did not have the week-long announcement to “tune in for the series finale of Greek.

So, Matt and I got all comfortable and ready to watch another episode of the fun-loving series on life in the Greek system at college. The humor in this show is great and I recently got Matt into it when I made him watch all prior seasons before starting the new one. As the episode drew closer to the end, I started to get a sneaking suspicion that something was off. Characters that hadn’t been present since the first season were appearing, closures were made on relationships and friendships, and an odd feeling of finality started to approach. I tried to convince Matt, and myself, that it was probably a season finale. But no, we were completed blind-sided.  Following the final credits, we googled the fate of Greek to find that it was, in fact, the series finale. *Sigh*

I was beyond disappointed, depressed, and shocked. A little notice would’ve taken a bit of the sting out the realization that one of my favorite shows had been cancelled. I know that everything comes to an end eventually, especially in the world of television (RIP – Friends), but with American commercials and advertisement, there is always forewarning. Never again will I re-live college through the eyes of Casey, Rusty (Spitter), Cappie, Evan, Ashleigh, Rebecca, Calvin, and Dale (yes, I have a slight obsession – don’t judge me). I guess I’ll just have to start using the time I usually saved for Greek to do something productive.


I sure will miss this fictional cast of entertaining characters.

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2 thoughts on “Greek

  1. Gina

    You’ll live. LOL

  2. I have all the seasons! Love this show!!! 🙂

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