Dallas Does Dublin

oldest pub in dublin, the brazen head

One of the oldest pubs in Dublin, The Brazen Head.

I overwhelmed my blog at the start of March with posts almost every day in anticipation for my parent’s arrival. I knew that once they got here, we would be out and about constantly, and the time I had before to post would be gone. But I was completely fine with that. 🙂 It seems as though we are taking a little hiatus from sightseeing this afternoon, since we’ve already walked a million miles. Right now, we are sitting in the family room, watching Duke-North Carolina basketball, with groceries in the fridge ready for dinner. A relaxing Sunday at home with my parents will be nice.

Walking with Mom in City Centre.

Since their arrival Friday morning we have seen so much. They landed before the crack of dawn, so we came home and took a solid nap before venturing out. Their first day here I took them to City Centre to see the downtown area. It was fun taking them on the LUAS, since I take it every day – now they know what it’s like! We grabbed lunch at Dakota, which has a really nice menu and ambience. Getting there was a true Irish experience; the streets were bustling with people and rain was pouring steadily. Following lunch, I took them to see the Molly Malone statue and then we strolled through Trinity College. We ran into the CEO of my company, Suas, which really made this place seem like my home to my parents. Here they are in Dublin running into people I know! And the best part is, we ran into another friend of mine later while having drinks at The Bank. Matt met us for dinner in Ranelagh, where we went to a busy Italian restaurant. Yum. I successfully kept my parents up until at least 11, which helped them adjust to the time difference.

Dun Laoghaire

Being silly with Dad in Dun Laoghaire!

On Saturday, we went back to City Centre, but to a different area. Matt and I wanted to show them Temple Bar, because that’s where the younger crowd goes. Ireland was playing Wales in the 6 Nations Series, so we wanted to take them to an authentic Irish pub to watch with the crazy fans! But first, we went to Christ Church Cathedral to see the architecture and relics. I’d been there once before, but Matt hadn’t seen it yet, so it was a nice sight to see on his day off. From the church we went to one of the oldest pubs in Dublin for a drink and a snack – The Brazen Head. We grabbed a table by the old fireplace, ordered a platter of pub food and Guinness, and relaxed among both tourists and locals. We then went to The Auld Dubliner to watch the rugby match. We were about 30 minutes early, so we caught the end of a live Irish music session. We then cheered and jeered with the Irish fans, only to be equally disappointed when Ireland lost.  We had dinner closer to home at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Cortina’s, and called it a night.

We were slower moving today, but that was okay. We took a nice scenic drive through Dalkey and along the coast. We stopped in Dun Laoghaire for lunch by the harbor and then drove through the area. My mom just took me grocery shopping for dinner supplies (mac & cheese!) and we’ll finish out the evening in the apartment, enjoying some American college basketball, and the setting sun by the mountains. It’s just the start of their trip and we’ve already seen so much! I will keep the posts coming when I have time, because we plan to see some things even I haven’t visited yet.


dun laoghaire

I love this picture of the harbor on the coast in Dun Laoghaire.

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3 thoughts on “Dallas Does Dublin

  1. Aunt Beth

    Make sure your mom makes you some favs. I know it’s her vacation, but I’m sure she wouldn’t making at least one specialty of the Lauck table!

  2. Papa Rory

    I don’t do Facebook much, too inefficient in my approach. This was great! Rick and Pattie are doing their first Euro trip just right with you guys as their organizers and tour guides with bed and breakfast provided. Does everyone in Ireland do breakfast , lunch and dinner in pubs or just those from Dallas? Sounds like you all are having fun. Our family has certainly become well – travelled. Who’d a thought? Keep up the good work. Papa,Dad, Rory

  3. Ashley

    what sweet family time 🙂

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