Thank You St. Patrick, For Giving Us This Spectacular Holiday

Getting back into the swing of things after a week and a half of vacation can be very difficult. Waking up Monday morning to get ready for work is never my favorite thing to do, and if it weren’t for the incredibly beautiful weather, the sentiment would have been the same after a week of sleeping in a little longer. I had such a wonderful time with my parents while they were here, and was really sad to see them go. The last few days of their trip were a whirlwind, but certainly did not pale in comparison to our other adventures.

Paddy's Day

I'm totally loving my Irish garb!

Thursday was none other than St. Patrick’s Day, and the second year in a row was a blast! I will say, there are far too many people out and about, and I felt myself being squished and bounced around. The parade was pretty much impossible to see; I’m pretty sure people staked out from the wee hours of the morning to secure their spot at the front of the pack. But, we did do other fantastic things. My Mom enjoyed a traditional Irish stew for lunch, while I had a beef and Guinness pie. Me, my Dad, and Matt had Guinness by the plenty. We bounced around from pub to pub listening to the traditional Irish music and watched the locals dance. Our favorite spot was The Mercantile. It was a three story pub, where we found a spot on the railing and watched an Irish band play. Everyone was clapping along and dancing, and we joined right in. We finished our day with dinner in Dundrum, because the city becomes rather crazed in the evening and we’ve heard that many fights ensue the later the festivities reign (we saw Garda breaking up one fight and figured it was time to call it quits).

Paddy's Day

Look at all the people!

Friday morning was slow-going, but we certainly did not want to waste the day. Matt was able to leave work a little early and join us for a late lunch at a local pub called The Goat. We wanted to see the Cheltenham Horse Race, so we secured a spot by the televisions, and just relaxed with our food and the crowd. Everyone was amped for the race, as it is very popular here in Ireland. Our pick did not win, but that didn’t kill the excitement. We learned that The Goat has live music every Saturday evening, so I foresee a “nightlife” post coming at some point. 🙂

Saturday, their last day of the visit, was an important day for Ireland. The last 6 Nations Rugby Championship Series game was to occur, and it was between old rivals – Ireland and England. That game is HUGE over here, and it was being played in Dublin, so the city was crowded and alive. The energy in the air was palpable, and it was fantastic being part of things. We fought the crowds for a little while so that my parents could buy some souvenirs to take home and then triumphantly secured a seat at a restaurant to watch the game. The best part of the day – Ireland killed England 24-8! I can only imagine the celebrations that happened in the city that night, but alas, we needed to go home so my parents could pack.

Paddy's Day

The gang in Temple Bar.

We had a nice, relaxing evening watching March Madness (I officially have a sorry excuse for a bracket) and my parents prepared themselves for their flight back on Sunday. Taking them to the airport was a bummer; the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I would have loved spending just one more day. But, we all needed to get back to our lives. It’s been hard getting back into the swing of things at work. I’m restless in my seat and want to be walking outside like I did the previous week. And I’m sure the jet-lag didn’t help my parents much. However, we had a fantastic time together, took a million pictures, and I’m pretty sure my parents will be planning more and more trips to Ireland whether I’m here or not! Stayed tuned, because I’ve got my first Irish comedy night and an another vacation after just a week back – a trip to Nice, France!

Paddy's Day

I was really excited it was Paddy's Day!

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One thought on “Thank You St. Patrick, For Giving Us This Spectacular Holiday

  1. dad

    It was a fantastic 10 days in Ireland. Thanks to Matt and Em for the hospitality.

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