Bittersweet Ending

I could go on and on about my last days in the French Riviera, but I truly feel like I’ve done it justice. Yes, we took one last day trip to Antibes, but to describe it would be repetitive. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the food was great, and we did a lot of shopping. This isn’t to diminish our last day on the trip, but there is only so much more I can say. I will, however, provide some pictures of our last days in the French Riviera so you can see it for yourself.

French Riviera

Fresh off the train into Antibes! I'm ready to get this last day started.

French Riviera

I loved the buildings in Antibes, especially the shutters on the windows and railings on the porches.

French Riviera

The beach in Antibes was far less rocky than Nice. I love the sailboats in the background and the blue sky and ocean.

French Riviera

This is a nice view along the outer road next to the sea. The tall building is the Picasso museum.

French Riviera

One last look at the sea and the beach in Nice. So sad to be leaving! Definitely keeping the fedora, though. 😉

So, on one last note, I have to say THANK YOU so much to Matt’s family for taking us all on this amazing trip. They were so generous all week and I had a fantastic time. It was bittersweet leaving to come home – on one hand, I would miss the weather, the sea, the food, and just vacation itself. On another hand, I knew I had a fun month ahead of me back home with Matt and friends. Either way, I definitely will never forget this trip.

Though the Nice trip is officially over in both presence and in spirit through my blog, I am not short on topics for future posts. I recently read three amazing books that need reviewing and life abroad is an ever-changing experience!

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