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Image via the beauty department

I will admit it: I love Lauren Conrad. I watched Laguna Beach, The Hills, and just about anything else she’s been in (ahem, she appeared on Greek, enough said). What is it that I love so much about her? Her style. She can make the most simple outfit look fantastic and I love that her hair always looks perfect either in those big, loose waves or with a braid. When I moved to Ireland, I jazzed up the apartment with some table books, and Style made the cut. Her make-up is always simple, her nails are always painted, and she never fails to look fresh. I know that she has the luxury of a beauty team behind her, but if they can bestow their wisdom to the rest of us, it helps!

So, as a blogger, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that Lauren and her style team have started a website: The Beauty Department. Even better, in essence it feels like a blog itself. They seem down-to-earth, excited in their new venture, and willing to teach the tricks of their trade. Sure, there are all kinds of blogs and websites out there teaching readers how to apply the perfect red lip or how to create vintage curls. However, I’ve never gone wrong with an LC style tip. I imagine I will check in on this website frequently.

And totally inspired by this website, I’ve decided to create a “Style” category in my blog! Style is different everywhere you go, all around the world, so why not report on the unique styles and trends I see in Ireland and other European spots Matt and I visit?

Image via the beauty department

Though this picture is dark, I'd like to note that my hair and make-up at this event were inspired by looks in Lauren Conrad's book, Style.

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