Stop and Smell the Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, or at least that’s what they say. Here in Ireland, it seems as though April showers made those flowers bloom much sooner. When a foreigner thinks of Ireland, I’m sure images of vast greenery are among their expectations. This is certainly the case for Dublin at this time. Now, our April showers have been scattered, and we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful start to Spring. Most days have been beautiful, sunny, and clear – I recently had lunch with a girlfriend and we sat outside in perfect bliss.

Inspired by a friend’s recent Facebook photo montage of the flowers and greenery during her walk home from work, I decided to take my time this morning. Instead of my normal walking route, I detoured through St. Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square Park. Both are beautiful parks in the midst of the busy Dublin city, and in this weather, I decided it was a perfect morning to stop and smell the flowers.

Springtime, Flowers Springtime, Flowers

Springtime, Flowers

Springtime, Flowers

Sprintime, FlowersSpringtime, Flowers

Springtime, Flowers
Springtime, Flowers
Though I couldn’t tell you the names of the flowers, and I am by no means a highly skilled photographer, it is beautiful mornings like this one that make a walk to work worthwhile. Next time you find yourself outside in beautiful weather and surrounded by nature, slow down and take a second to admire Earth’s splendors. 🙂

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