Cinco de Mayo – The Ireland Edition

Cinco de MayoIf it is the 5th of May, that can only mean one thing: Cinco de Mayo celebrations! Today, you will learn a little something new about this blogger. I’ve told you before that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, with its fabulous food, sports, and fall weather. Did you ever stop to wonder what my second favorite holiday could be? Christmas you say? Halloween? Valentine’s Day? No, no, and no. Cinco de Mayo is a glorious, magnificent holiday, and it happens to take the second top spot in my heart.

There are many reasons why this is so, reasons that will lead you to learn even more about me. 1.) I studied the Spanish language as my minor in college. This holiday gives me the perfect opportunity to use said Spanish intermittently with English in regular conversation. 2.) I love margaritas, Corona, chips and salsa, and queso – I don’t get enough Mexican-inspired cuisine here in Ireland. 3.) I found a sombrero in college that followed me from residence to residence. No matter how hard I tried to give it away or leave it behind, it always ended up back in my possession somehow. That’s fate. 4.) Similarly, when I was a child, I chose a stuffed parrot at a garage sale out of all the stuffed animals on the table. I named him Norman and decided he was my Mexican parrot – children have interesting imaginations, what can I say? He eventually came with me to college (in the city of Norman – coincidence?), so subsequently, Norman celebrated every Cinco de Mayo with me.

Cinco de Mayo

Yep, that would be me with my sombrero and Norman! Quite an old picture - look how short my hair is and what am I wearing?!

Now, ironically, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated significantly more in the United States than it is in Mexico, even though it is the commemoration of the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. This would slightly sadden me, but alas, I hail from the great state of Texas and Cinco de Mayo in that neck of the woods never disappoints.

I have no clue what Cinco de Mayo is like in Ireland, because I wasn’t here just yet last year. My plans are to wear my best and brightest Mexican clothing (yes, I have such clothes), meet up after work with the girl’s at a place called Cactus Jack’s, have a few margaritas, and slip bouts of Spanish into the conversation all evening. Adding to the festivities, Matt plans on making tostados for dinner when I get home. Sadly, I’ll be missing my sombrero and my Mexican parrot – they didn’t make it to Ireland. 😦 With new places, though, comes new traditions, so I’ll just have to improvise this year!

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