Bittersweet Ending

Going Away Party, Wine Tasting

With Lauren, a great friend and host of our going away party! We started the night at a wine tasting.

Remember when I said at the end of my last post that life would be changing quite a bit for me and Matt in the coming months? Well, if you are reading this, you stayed tuned and I am ready to reveal. I would’ve waited a little bit longer, but sitting here on my couch this Sunday evening amidst packed bags and empty walls, I am compelled to finally share. So, for those of you who do not know…

Matt and I are leaving Ireland – permanently. That’s right, we’re moving this Tuesday.

After one amazing, educational, at times difficult, and life-changing year, we’ve made the decision to move on. Now don’t feel too shocked. When I decided to move to Ireland, it was with the knowledge that it would only be for about a year or a little longer. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that this feels oh so bittersweet. Though life was a challenge here at first, it became my home. I love our apartment, the farm next door, the Irish way of life, Suas, the AWCD, and most importantly, all of my new and fantastic friends. And in one year, many of these friends became like family.

Going Away Party, Wine Tasting

With Abby, a newer friend, but one I know I'll be visiting!

As someone with a lot on their mind and with so much to say, I can’t seem to find the words to truly articulate the way I’m feeling about the changes in our life right now. Last Wednesday, my closest friends threw a going away party for me and Matt, and though I didn’t cry, each and every goodbye hug and toast made things more real for me. I will take a lot of great things away from my life in Ireland and I am encouraged by the idea that I will be back someday.

So bear with me, because Matt and I are about to jump on the crazy ride of life. Along the way I will be sure to share just about everything, including one week long tour of Europe before flying to Texas. In the meantime, pop back to some of my old posts. I am so very glad I created this blog, because with just a click of a button, I’m transported in time to some of the most memorable, amazing, and crazy moments of my time in Ireland!

Some of my favorite pictures from the last year. 🙂

When visiting Matt in March 2010, we went out to Killarney. It was absolutely beautiful.

At my favorite restaurant in Dublin, The Port House. Yum!

With the gals in the St. Stephen's Green park for lunch. It was a nice work day break, and even though we look all bundled up, it felt pretty nice out!

Still my favorite of all the trips Matt and I have taken this past year - Bruges! This trip was my inspiration to start the blog, because I wanted all my family at home to hear about it.

Our lovely view of the animals in the Airfield next to the apartment.

And who can forget hiking in the Dublin mountains?!

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3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Ending

  1. Beth

    Although I understand your sadness in leaving such a beautiful place, the adventurer in me asks…where to? Back to Dallas or onto another European hotspot? I’m glad your parents got to come and visit while you were there. I know they had a wonderful time. Keep us all appraised of your plans.

  2. gina

    I am sorry you are leaving Ireland, one of my favorite places on earth, but glad you are on to new adventures! Can’t wait to read about (and be insanely jealous!) the new place you will call home.

  3. Melissa

    So very proud and excited for you. Love you Memily.


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