A Day in London

Emily + vacation = bad, bad blogger. In an attempt to keep June alive and my readers somewhat interested, here are a few pictures from our fabulous journey to London. Our friend, Emily, is living there for the summer with her boyfriend, and we were so lucky to not only have a tour guide for my first trip to the city, but free accommodation, as well! Plus, it was an opportunity to visit with an American friend in Europe. How great is that?!

Travel, European Adventures

We saw the absolutely breathtaking Westminster Abbey. On the other side, I waved to my imaginary crowd, just like Kate Middleton. 😉

London, Travel, European Adventures

I liked this view of Buckingham Palace. We were lucky, because we stumbled across the palace during the changing of the guard, but because of the spectacle, it was packed with people and my other pictures aren’t as good. Still, it was a neat experience!

London, Travel, European Adventures

Matt liked the Animals in War statue a lot. It is “dedicated to all the animals that served and died alongside British and allied forces in wars and campaigns throughout time.”

London, Travel, European Adventures

We had a drink at this pub on the balcony in the Covent Garden Market, where we watched the strangest street performer. He had himself wrapped in cling-wrap from head to toe. There was quite a lot of buildup for such a strange (and frankly lame) trick.

London, Travel, European Adventures

Trafalgar Square is so neat – with it’s fountains, view of Big Ben in the back, and the London architecture all around, I thought this was a cool area. Check out the Olympic countdown in the bottom right of the picture.

London, Travel, European Adventures

These are just some of the highlights of our day. Emily was the best tour guide and took us to see just about everything! Along with what you see above, we walked through the Piccadilly Circus, strolled across the Thames, and had dinner at a fantastic and chic Dim Sum restaurant. I’d love to go back and see a show or actually go through a museum, but in just a day, we saw a lot. We had great hosts and I’m so glad I can check London off of my list of places I wanted to see.

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