One Hot Holiday

It’s been a busy past few days, and while I’ll admit my last post contained quite a bit of fluff, there is plenty to catch up on. We had a great 4th of July weekend, tons of family visits, and yesterday Matt had his second hip surgery in 3 years. We’re now in full recovery mode, with tons of couch activity, television, and blogging in between my care-taking. First things first, though…

Fireworks, America, Weekend, LakeMatt and I started our 4th of July weekend at my parent’s home in McKinney with a nice, relaxed day by the pool. I’m not quite used to this heat anymore, so I think my days of “laying out” may be over. Now, I float. With a beer in hand, sunshine, and cool water, it was the perfect Saturday for these two Europeans who had not quite kicked our jet-lag. Dinner was the cherry on top – steak, potatoes, creamed corn, salad, garlic bread, and strawberry pound cake for dessert…followed by a food coma.

Sunday we made our way down to Cedar Creek Lake to visit with Matt’s family, where I finally met his aunt in person; we’d met on Skype a couple times previously. The gals talked books, because Matt’s aunt is the Director of Development for the Colorado State University Libraries, and was previously President of the America Library Association – therefore she receives all kinds of advance reader copies of all the best books that she most generously shares! For a reading fanatic, it’s pretty awesome when I get to read a book before it’s been released to the public. Along with the books and lots of good food, Michael’s puppy, Foster, did a lot of swimming in the lake, and it was another relaxing day. The fireworks were the best part of this day, because pretty much everyone on the lake sends up great shows, making the skyline a bright array of colors. And, I have this neat “fireworks” setting on my camera that I finally got to use!

Yesterday, Matt went in for his hip surgery. He had this same procedure 3 years ago, but due to a rare bone regrowth in his hip, he needed it again. He went to a different surgeon this time that seemed more hopeful that with the surgery and the following treatment, we could prevent the growth and this might be the last time he needs surgery. As far as post-surgery goes, we are getting some full-on quality time together and we’ve learned that at 7 in the morning, the Tour de France is pretty much the only thing on tv. 😉

Fireworks, America, Lake, Weekend

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