2011 Women’s World Cup

Women’s World Cup soccer – if you are not watching it, you’re not just missing out, you’re un-American. Yeah, I said it. I am not a huge soccer fan, but this tournament has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable sporting events I’ve tuned into. For those of you who don’t follow and don’t know, the US women will be playing for the World Cup Final tomorrow, Sunday the 17th. They overcame a brutal, and slightly mannish-looking, Brazil team in the best display of a comeback and a few days later, they beat the French. Never down, never out, these women have been exciting to watch from the start.

And it’s not just the US women that have drawn my attention to this sport, it’s all the teams in the tournament. I’m sorry to the guys, but women’s soccer is much more entertaining. These women are aggressive and hardcore, actually playing the game rather than putting on a show. You know what I’m talking about here: doesn’t anyone else get tired of watching the men fall from a little push and act like they are dying, only to get up after they’ve successfully drawn the foul and continue playing like nothing happened? These women fight it out, push and shove each other, fall down and get back up, all with type of determination that professional players should exhibit.

Plus, their games have been exciting. The US women played a man down for almost half the game against Brazil, scored an incredible last minute goal in overtime to tie it up, and then won the game in the shootout. Japan crushed a predicted superior German team…in Germany. Right now I’m watching the French play Sweden in the consolation game, both having lost to the US and Japan, respectively. In this tournament, though, if you’ve really wanted to see spectacular athleticism, it’s been with the US women. Which is why I call you un-American if you’ve missed it! 😉

So, tune in tomorrow at 1:00 Central to see our ladies play for a chance to bring home the World Cup. If the game is anything like the others I’ve seen, it won’t be a disappointing show. Plus, in this North American heat wave, I know I’d rather spend Sunday in the cool comfort of my home, enjoying a beer, and cheering on my home country!

Abby Wambach's last minute goal against Brazil.

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2 thoughts on “2011 Women’s World Cup

  1. patty

    Nice post, it has been exciting to watch! Go USA!

  2. Go USA but in my household Brasil is playing Uruguay at the same time. My wife and I will watch Brasil. I will check in to see how the women are doing. Flamenguista for life.

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