I’m feeling inspired.

As you may have noticed (and I hope you have since you should be an avid reader of mine ;)), I took a bit of a summer hiatus on the blogging front. I was enjoying my summer by spending time with friends and family, while helping Matt recover from his hip surgery. Well, now I’d like to ease back into the blogosphere by spending September sharing my favorite things from my new favorite obsession, Pinterest.

I’m inspired to do this little overhaul on the blog, because I cannot spend quite as much time “writing” as I used to. I am working on another writing project at the moment, but I didn’t want to abandon my creative space completely. Luckily, my discovery of Pinterest has sparked new inspired ideas and obsessions in areas like cooking, home decor, style & fashion, and so on. I hope you don’t mind if I share with you for awhile, as I explore this new website and experiment with some of the things I find. Mixed with my tried and true book reviews, September should be light and fun!

Here are a few new things I’m liking ~


If I ever lived in a perfect year-round climate and could set-up a backyard like this one, I’d never come inside.


Football season is almost here – who wouldn’t love to have some pizza bites to munch on while cheering on their favorite team?!

Her blog is already one of my favorites and she’s listed on my blogroll, so I “pinned” this summer look at Pinterest. I may not be fashion forward enough to create this look on my own, so that’s why I peruse her blog!

Do you love to laugh? Well, I do! And I found this at my new favorite website and it cracked me up. It’s the little things…

I did this after my run today and IT WAS HARD!

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One thought on “Inspired

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Loved the let’s eat grandpa 🙂

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