My Reasons to Like Monday

Ah, the end of a weekend and start of another beautiful Monday. It’s no secret that most people loath Mondays, because they mean the next weekend is oh so far away. I’m not really minding this Monday, though. For me, it means sitting back down and really delving into writing. It’s lots and lots and lots of coffee, because I’ve given up the typical weekend “sleep ’til eleven” mentality. It also means I have a whole week to start reading a new advanced reader’s copy I have in my possession. There is something extremely fun about knowing that I have my hands on a book that has not yet been released to the masses!

So, to start off a new week of inspiration and creativity, this is what I’m currently loving:


This is not my hand, but this is the current color of my nails. I’m still trying to ward off that quickly approaching fall season.

I’m exercising again, which feels great! But, sometimes you need a little inspiration like this to get you going.


I’ve been seeing these “outfit creations” all over Pinterest. I love things like this, because it helps me figure out how to pull my outfits together.


Love her and I’ve gotta see The Help as soon as possible! I enjoyed the book tremendously, so I’m dying to see the movie.

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One thought on “My Reasons to Like Monday

  1. vegburger

    Congrats on making the transition to full-time writer! It’d be cool to see a blog post about the transition to working as a full-time writer

    Best wishes!

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