Fall Memories

Autumn, Weather

A couple of weeks and a few posts ago, I lamented on the fact that I was not ready for fall or anything that has to do with it. I also said that when October rolled around, I’d have a change of heart. Well, I’m torn. Since I’m still experiencing weather that allows me to wear shorts and cute tops, my first inclination is to bask in the sunlight and be glad that there may be a few more days of summer left. However, a part of me is slowly thinking more about the beautiful colors of fall, pumpkins on the porch, and long-sleeve shirts.

I also can’t help but think back to a year ago. I had moved to Dublin only a couple months earlier and we were headed into my very first Autumn season in Ireland. I was just about to start with Suas, my wardrobe nearly doubled in size in preparation for the temperature, and I finally got to spend my birthday with Matt in person and not via Skype. I’d just taken an amazing trip to Paris, which proved to be a very maturing experience. Alone in one of the most famous cities in the world, I navigated the metro like a pro and didn’t shy from fellow tourists when I wanted someone to take my picture. Autumn, Weather

Back in our Dublin apartment, fall was met with windows open to the fresh, crisp air and the smoky smell of fireplaces ablaze in the surrounding neighborhoods. The sheep in the farm next door were cozy in their woolen coats. Matt and I spent many nights cooking hot, hearty food for dinner and watched a plethora of scary movies leading up to Halloween.

Yeah, fall last year was truly special, and memories like these serve to heighten my excitement for the season this year. I think the first of October is the perfect day to start dreaming of the best ways Matt and I can spend the next couple of months. While the weather may not agree with me and I have borrowed time to wear the heck out of my summer wardrobe, I can see that down the road, this year will bring me great fall memories too.

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