Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

These days I’ve been reading another advanced reader’s copy of a book set to release in 2012. It has already won awards and will certainly be talked about, if not a bestseller. I’ve been enjoying it tremendously and for a few days I couldn’t seem to put it down. However, it is a rather serious subject that can get pretty heavy. I tend to choose books that are a little more light-hearted; reminders of what’s wrong with the world can start to wear on me, especially if the book is long. Therefore, about three quarters of the way through, I decided to pick up a quick read that would make me laugh and refresh my soul before diving back into the tumultuous end of my advanced reader’s copy.

Chelsea Handler, Chelsea Lately, Book Review

Enter Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me, by Chelsea’s Family, Friends, and Other Victims, and you’ve got easy and fun entertainment. You can also mark this as my very first E-book – I downloaded it onto the IPad. Lies just about cured my depressing outlook on the world with witty banter and a reminder that there are people out there who don’t take life so seriously. Thank goodness they are willing to share their ridiculous and over-the-top lifestyle, because I quite enjoyed this book.

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me is a compilation of stories by Chelsea’s inner circle that chronicle their day-to-day experiences with the boisterous and controversial comedian. Through their incredulous accounts of the practical jokes and pranks Chelsea regularly executes, the reader learns that she is not only hellbent on “destroying their lives,” but that this is her whacked-out way of showing love.

Now, if anyone watches Handler’s show, Chelsea Lately, you get a small glimpse into this psychotic world. Pick up this book, and you will thank your lucky stars that you do not have friends like this. Every embarrassing, idiotic, and insane situation that these poor victims fall prey to are cringe-worthy. And, ironically, at the end of nearly every chapter, these poor saps defend her and claim that being one of Chelsea’s targets only means that you are truly and deeply loved. Being left out would mean you “aren’t worthy.” Thankfully, at least one brave soul fails to mention any of Chelsea’s redeemable qualities and declares her mentally unstable.Chelsea Handler, Chelsea Lately, Book Review

I can only bestow a couple criticisms of this book. 1.) With each chapter, the stories start to get a tad old. Handler’s pranks become a bit predictable and I can only wonder why her idiot friends and family haven’t caught on to her antics. 2.) The stories are written straight from the mouth Handler’s cohorts, and a few of them aren’t the best story-tellers. Either they were afraid of the backlash they’d receive by Chelsea herself once the book was published, or they just aren’t the best at recanting their experiences. Either way, there were a couple “skippable” chapters.

All in all, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me was the perfect mindless read to break up the melancholy I was starting to feel with my other book. Entertaining and hilarious, Lies almost feels like a work of fiction – people like this actually exist? I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Chelsea Handler franchise and even to others who are blissfully unaware of her existence. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and I’m certainly glad I carved out a couple days to experience it.

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5 thoughts on “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

  1. #1 Great review Emily, I will have to read the book. #2 You look A LOT like Chelsea Handler in those pictures you have on your blog lol

    • Thanks both for the review compliment and the look-alike compliment! I’ve been told by so many people that she’s my doppelgänger – which is okay because I idolize her, haha. She’s so ridiculous and I love it!

  2. vegburger

    Hi there! Stumbled upon your blog after reading your comment on the Opps, I got an English degree blog (BFA creative writing here 🙂
    Really enjoying your blog posts, and your travel adventures sound great!
    Take care,

    • Thanks for the message and I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! It’s quite a unique thing we’ve got going on here, writing full-time. 🙂 I’ve got some more travel adventures coming up in the next month, so stay tuned!

  3. vegburger

    Awesome! Looking forward to your next post!

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