Rain, Rain, Please Don’t Go Away

Rain, Rainy DaysThere is absolutely nothing like a good rainy day, especially after weeks of sunshine. Rainy days are even better as the end of October creeps our way and scary goodness enters the picture with Halloween. I might even have to attribute some of my love for Dublin to the frequent rain. Sure, it got a little old there, but days like today make me miss the daily showers.

Today is absolutely the most perfect day for downpour, because I’ve got the best rainy day activities planned. It started with a cup of coffee with a friend in the comfort of her warm living room. There is nothing like hot coffee in the cool morning to compliment drizzle. Next, I plan to tackle loads of laundry, and while those wash, I’ll be baking brownies. And the brownies aren’t just for my rainy day amusement. Tonight, I’ll be joining a group of girls for a scary movie night – my favorite! The brownies are to help calm our nerves as creepy crawlies cover the television screen. Could our rainy day have occurred at a better time?  I think not! It is the perfect setting for a night of horror.

In the last month, I’d say I’ve definitely changed my tune about weather. While sunshine is nice, this rainy weather certainly does not disappoint me. Now, if only we could get a little thunder and lightening…

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One thought on “Rain, Rain, Please Don’t Go Away

  1. I’m tired od rain…I want sunshine…not much chance at this stage of the year.

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