Taken just a week ago. As you can see, the sun is shining and I'm without jacket.

I am no novice to moving. Now, I’m not like my mother, who moved so much growing up that I can never seem to remember every place she has resided. However, I wasn’t born and raised in the same place. I went from Indiana, to Ohio, to Texas, to Oklahoma, back to Texas, to Ireland, and now to Spain. Everytime you move, you have to make adjustments to the culture, the weather, and your surroundings. When I thought moving from Texas to Ireland was a culture shock, I could have never imagined what it would be like to move from Ireland to Spain…

1.) The Language: I studied Spanish when I was in college; I minored in it actually. Yet nothing quite prepares you for day-to-day conversations. The Spanish in each region have their own slang and accent. When we moved down here, I knew it would be a struggle, because I haven’t used what I learned in college in a few years. As time is progressing, it’s becoming easier and I’m not afraid to go places where I know I’ll have to be ready to speak Spanish. And Matt is finally remembering that onion is “cebolla,” not “caballo.” The first time he tried to order a hamburger without onion, he ordered it without horse…

2.) The Food: Okay, tapas are an amazing invention. Let’s serve food in smaller portions, at lower prices, and people can order more variety and share! In theory, it’s a great idea. However, in our neck of the woods, there does not seem to be a plethora of tapas restaurants. In fact, when we’re not in Gibraltar, there aren’t a ton of restaurants in our area, period. That’s been a huge adjustment to make. In Ireland, we lived within walking distance of a town centre with quite a variety of restaurants, and were a 15 minute Luas ride from the city centre. Luckily, I love to cook and I’ve been doing so a whole lot more. And when we do find a neat tapas spot, I’m one happy girl.

This picture was taken a little while ago. The only difference today is the temperature. It still looks the same outside.

3.) The Weather: I miss rain. Is that silly? I’m like Goldilocks – in Dublin I missed sunshine. In Spain I miss rain. Will this blonde find a place where the weather is just right? For those of you who love sun, the Costa del Sol lives up to its name. We have had the most incredible weather since we got here. It does not seem normal to have sunny weather in the 60s during December and January, but that’s our reality. I cannot complain too much, though. I simply think back to the snow storm around this time last year in Dublin and I miss rain a little less.

4.) Coffee: I’ll keep this short and sweet. Texas has Starbucks. Dublin has Starbucks. Now, I no longer have a Starbucks. While they’ve got some nice cafes in our area, I would give anything for a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte right now.

When I have more pictures of our neighborhood and home, I’ll be sure to share which adjustment has not been hard to make. Until then, I’m studying as much Spanish as I can, actively searching for the best restaurants in our area, leaving my umbrella at home, and learning to love just a plain white coffee.

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3 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Patricia Lauck

    What do the natives drink there? Might like thay better.

  2. Rick Lauck

    Muy bien!

  3. Cool blog!

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