Superbowl Monday

You don't like my sheep pajamas? Well too bad...because I've got matching pants and slippers.

Even though I’m a day late on my Superbowl post, I think it’s worth using this year’s big game as an example of how much things have changed in a year. As if moving to another country wasn’t enough, this year’s Superbowl was the final nail in the coffin of change, for lack of a better phrase.

Let’s start with this year. I know I keep mentioning it, and it’s certainly not because I’m looking for sympathy, but last weekend I was coming off of a week of the flu. Therefore, our Superbowl plans were pretty simple. We grilled hot dogs outside in the warm sun, munched on chips and queso, and ultimately lounged around all day watching saved American television shows. I Skyped with my family for a bit, Matt enjoyed a cigar outside, and I had my first taste of alcohol since my trip to Dublin. While the Superbowl is known for it’s beer, we cannot get Bud Light or Miller Lite, so we chose the next best thing – champagne. And when kickoff finally happened around midnight our time, I was fast asleep in my sheep pajamas. I’ll give it to Matt – he stayed up and watched most of the game.

American Embassy Ireland, Indianapolis, Rooney

In my black and gold getting ready to head over the Embassy a year ago.

Cut to last year. The Steelers were playing the Packers. It just so happened that the owners of the Steelers, the Rooneys, are the American Ambassadors in Ireland. It also just so happened that Mrs. Rooney is the honorary president of the American Women’s Club of Dublin, an organization with which I spent most of my time. I received an invitation to the Superbowl viewing party at the American Embassy, to which Matt and I did not hesitate to attend. While there, we were given Superbowl Special Edition Terrible Towels and the Marines hosted. It was pretty awesome.

Last year’s experience was such an amazing opportunity that I’ll remember for a long time to come. I couldn’t believe I was among the group chosen to attend a Superbowl viewing party at the American Embassy, where the owners of one of the teams works every single day. Yet, this year I was perfectly content to sit at home. Chips and queso are a family tradition in our household for the Superbowl, so reenacting that certainly made me feel like I was at home. And as always, video chatting with my parents makes my day. I look at last year as a once in a lifetime opportunity; now I take the chips as they fall, and I’m happy to say that with Matt by my side, it was a pretty good day.

Oh, and can I get a heck yeah for the Giants?! When your hometown team (the Colts) loathe the Patriots, and the quarterback for the Giants is Peyton Manning’s brother, it’s an easy decision regarding the preferred Superbowl winner.

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