Making Lists

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A beautiful green notebook gifted to me and my Christmas present to Matt - a Mont Blanc pen. Just two of many writing tools found around our house.

I feel like writers have the inherent need to make lists. I certainly feel that desire a million times a day. Since almost all work is done on the computer these days, I miss the feeling of the pen in my hand gliding across a perfect piece of paper. I used to be a daily journaler, because putting my thoughts down on paper meant getting to see the ink touch the page. When I was in college, I took pages of notes while in class. I scoffed at the ambitious students when they pulled laptops out of their bags to record the key points of a lesson. At the start of January every year, I search for the perfect calendar notebook, and if I don’t find one quickly, I get anxious. Once I find one, I fill the pages with frivolous notes, activites, gift ideas, shopping lists, and possible date ideas. I have a problem.

Last year, when I was the secretary for the AWCD, I remember a woman suggesting I take the minutes at each meeting on my laptop. It would be quicker, easier. Horrified, I held up my beautiful, red Moleskine notebook and asked how I could possibly let those pages live free of blue, black, and sometimes green ink? Do you have a card you want to give to someone? I’d be happy to write the message. Currently sitting on my desk at work is a notebook of recycled paper (always the best) filled with checklists: the next articles I need to edit, blog post ideas, dinner ideas, grocery lists, etc. Sitting in my ‘blog post ideas’ checklist is a “Making Lists” suggestion. That’s right…at the end of this rant I can check yet another thing off my list. Oh, inky bliss. Would it be overkill to make a quick list for this post about the things I like to make lists for? Yes. Will I probably do it? Yes.

Clearly, something needs to be done about this. The best way I can think of solving my addiction is to make a list of ways I can circumvent this quirk. It’s a never-ending cycle, but I think there are worse things I could be obsessed with. Everybody has their thing, their little quirks. What are yours? I could make a little list about it… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Making Lists

  1. vegburger

    Totally true, writers love lists! Oh, and I agree about having the desire to actually write with paper/pen than the computer- it feels more sacred for some reason:)

  2. Your purse sounds like mine. I have three kooebotns in it currently. 1) My things to do and ideas for work notebook 2) My Mondo Beyondo notebook and my 3) household chores and such notebook.But I haven’t dared call myself a writer… yet.I DO sometimes wonder why my purse is so heavy.

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