My Sister, Melissa

Blonde, Brunette, Sister, Oklahoma

Before and After: different, for sure...but both beautiful!

I was on Facebook the other day and clicked over to my sister’s profile to see what she’s been up to. Now, it’s important to understand that even though we are close in age, we couldn’t be more different. I’m tall, she’s short. I’m pale, she’s (usually ;)) tan. I’m blonde, she’s always been brunette. She has fuller lips than mine, larger eyes, and a more petite frame. We went to the same University (Boomer Sooner!), but it usually took people quite awhile to figure out that we’re sisters. I remember going to a fraternity party one time with her where she’d made a ton of friends I’d never met, even though I’d been at the school a year longer. She was pulling me through the hallway introducing me as her sister. Well, since sororities were very popular at our school, they assumed she meant sorority sisters. Ironically, and this is very rare, we had actually joined different sororites. So, Melissa began clarifying by saying, “This is my sister, Emily! My blood sister.” We still laugh about that night to this day.

Well, imagine my surprise when I went to her profile, clicked on her pictures, and saw that my brunette sister is blonde! For the first time since I can remember. She’s always played around with blonde highlights, but this is the blondest I’ve ever seen her. While this may seem like a frivolous topic, you must understand that we’ve lived for almost 25 years with this main color distinction. I have to say, though, I like it! A lot. While talking with Melissa the other day, I mentioned that now maybe people will actually believe that we are sisters!

Whether her hair is brunette, black (which she once dabbled with), or blonde, she’s my sister through and through. We laugh the same way, with an almost full body movement, that usually ends with a forehead bump if we’re sitting directly across from one another. We are typically entertained by the same things and if you are our opponents in a game of spades or Taboo, prepare to be dominated. I can’t wait for March when she and the rest of my family come over to Spain…for a bit I won’t be one of the only blondes on the Costa del Sol!

Brunette, Blonde, Sister

This was taken back in 2008 on her birthday just before I graduated from college. As you can see, she was dabbling with highlights, but wasn't quite as blonde as she is now!

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2 thoughts on “My Sister, Melissa

  1. Melissa

    Love the post! And I can’t wait to come visit either!

  2. Patty

    Enjoyable! You both have changed!

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