Solo Saturday

Bacon, Strawberries, Food, Mimosa, Sunshine, Pool

Super fresh strawberries and bacon cooked to perfection!

Ah, Saturday. The first full day of the weekend when no work needs to be done and you can laze around in your pajamas until you feel ready to change to sweats. Of course, there are some weekends when you have plans – travel, gardening, shopping, visiting with friends, etc. But every once in awhile a Saturday will roll around when you open your eyes late in the morning and say, “I’m going to be lazy today.”

Well, this past Saturday I did even better than that. I haven’t had much time alone since I started working again, except for the few days I had the flu. (I don’t count those days, though, because I felt miserable.) I love working and being out of the house, so this hasn’t been a bad thing, but I went from being alone most of the time, to being alone none of the time. So you can imagine my excitement when Matt told me last week that he’d be golfing with a group on Saturday morning. I immediately began listing off activities that I wanted to do while he was gone: make brunch with bacon and mimosas; preferably eat said brunch on the patio, depending on the weather; catch up on television shows that only I watch; do girly things like paint my nails or dance to music around the house while I do laundry and such. I can honestly say with successful pride that I accomplished all of these things, and more.

Matt had an early tee time, so I slept in as late as my body would allow – 11:00. And thus commenced “Emily’s Solo Saturday.” I immediately went down to the kitchen, made myself a mimosa, and threw some bacon onto the skillet. Meanwhile, television shows only I watch – The Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries – streamed on my computer as I sliced fresh strawberries with the patio sliding door wide open. I took my brunch to the patio, realizing that the weather was perfect.

Following brunch, I took nail polish, magazines, and more mimosa mix to the lounge chairs by the pool to get some sun. I also turned on my classical rock mix on the stereo system and pointed it out of the open sliding doors to the patio. The first song that played? Eric Clapton’s “Layla.” 🙂  Now, we haven’t been able to enjoy the pool since we moved in because we moved into the house in November. Now that the weather is warming back up, I’m so excited that we can actually use our yard. More exciting is that with my family coming in March, it seems very likely that we’ll get to hang by the pool while they’re here!

Long story short, “Emily’s Solo Saturday” was a great success. Funny enough, though…around 3:00, I started to anticipate Matt’s arrival home. As much as I loved my mid-morning/afternoon charade, I started to miss my other half. Maybe next time I can include him in the brunch-making morning fun…

Brunch, Mimosa, Bacon, Strawberries, Sunshine, Pool

My poolside setup: magazines, nail polish, water, Pringles, and my mimosa.


Brunch, Mimosa, Nail Polish, Bacon, Strawberries, Pool, Sunshine

Cheers! Oh, and for the first time in a long time, my nails actually have some color on them.

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5 thoughts on “Solo Saturday

  1. Jealoussy…

  2. Patty

    Love the view from the pool! Envious!

  3. Thanks Mom! I can’t wait for you to see it. 🙂

    Tina, hopefully the weather is nice on Saturday so we can comfortably hang outside!

  4. vegburger

    Sounds like a peaceful day 🙂

    What book are you reading? I am looking for a new read! The last book I read was An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhorf, loved it…the book does inspire travel!

  5. I started Everything Beautiful Began After, by Simon Van Booy. It’s set in Athens, which is one place I’d love to visit (though not right now, considering…)! I’ll have to check out your recommendation. And once I finish the book I’m reading, I’ll do a book review with my thoughts. I’m not far in, so we’ll see!

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