Mundane Musings: Please Welcome – March!

Happy March! I have to admit that March is one of my favorite months of the year. For one, it’s usually around this time that the weather starts to make a turn in the warmer direction. It doesn’t get as hot as it will during the summer, but sunshine and warmth make it possible to sit on patios and enjoy a refreshing beverage. The weather also makes it possible to partake in activities like golfing or jogging without needing an extra layer of clothes or sweating through your clothes completely. Other specialties that usually arrive with March: barbeques with friends, long walks around the neighborhood, March Madness (college basketball people!), and just an overall lift in spirit. Most notably, March will bring a very special visit from my family to sunny Spain for the first time!

I’m not sad to say goodbye to February. Since we didn’t make it home for Christmas this year, it feels like it’s been an especially long time since I’ve seen my family, so I’m ready to be closer to their visit. Even though this leap year gave us an extra day, I didn’t do anything special and happily waved goodbye to February. However, I did grab coffee with a friend before going into work, which lasted a couple of hours. I figured it was okay because it’ll be four more years until I can grab coffee with a friend again on the 29th. 😉 As promised in the last edition of Mundane Musings and in the spirit of a month so full of activity that I’m not sure how I’ll possibly blog about it all, enjoy a simple post about some random things.

Border Queue, Spain, Spanish, Immigration, Customs

I’ve been dying to show you a proper border queue between Spain and Gibraltar. Here we are, in our car, in line on the Gibraltar side waiting to get into Spain. The customs officials decided to be strict with the mopeds, motorcycles, and bicycles (who go through in their own line). Crazy, right?!

Mundane Musings, Border Queue, Spain

How incredible is that? The position of Gibraltar to Spain, the Straight of Gibraltar and Africa causes some of the strangest weather patterns. You’ll often see a cloud like this just sitting on top of the rock.

Gibraltar, Border Queue, Spain, Wicked

I just got my Macbook Pro back from being fixed and there are so many pictures I hadn’t been able to share until now! This one is when Matt and I saw Wicked in London. It was incredible.

Wicked, Gibraltar, Spain, Border Queue

I’m so glad I found these pictures. 🙂 This was also taken at Wicked last year when Matt and I traveled through London on our way to Gibraltar. We had a 24 hour layover, so we forced our tired bodies to experience some extra culture. My love of musical theatre was not disappointed!

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One thought on “Mundane Musings: Please Welcome – March!

  1. Patty

    Love the picture of The Rock 🙂

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