While I may have told the whole story of our trip in the last three posts, we took so many pictures that I just have to share. So please forgive my lack of text in this one and enjoy a photo bomb of the best kind!

This quaint, little village is in our town of Alcaidesa. There is not much there, but it’s nice to have. We have a market, a pharmacy, a day care, and the water company. There used to be a restaurant called The Dragonfly, but it’s been speculated that it closed down. Winter inactivity is tough for the businesses in our area.

Melissa soaked up some rays in the Sotogrande port while we lunched at the KE Cafe. My family was really lucky that warmer weather welcomed them, because it was during their visit that I was able to toss the jeans in the back of the closet and pull out springtime items.

Cathedral, Alcazar

What a great view of the Cathedral while capturing the surrounding elegance of the square! Interesting to note: I am pulling at my father’s arm because he is about to step into a big pile of horse droppings. Emily to the rescue! I wonder how often that happens? There are horse-drawn carriages everywhere, but the tourists tend to look up at the grandeur of the Cathedral while walking…

Cathedral, Alcazar

The ornate detailing in every part of the Cathedral was just exquisite. The organ was as massive as the ceilings and the tomb of Christopher Columbus stood tall and proud.

Cathedral, Alcazar

Just exploring the Alcazar! Standing inside this wall gave such a breathtaking view of the different gardens in the Alcazar – one view can be seen in the first part of my travel recap.

Apes, Monkeys

I loved that I was able to capture this moment of apes in their natural habitat! A unique experience on the Rock of Gibraltar for tourists is just another normal day for the monkeys.

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