Mundane Musings

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to sprinkle you with random thoughts and happenings in our neck of the world. The mundane makes me happy, so these are the things making me happy right now!

Spring Fashion, Bacon, Water Chestnuts

Image courtesy of {Comics Cavern}; Art done by {Izabela Bratkowski}

I keep trying to start books, but then I don’t finish them. This is so not like me and my Book Club portion of the blog is starting to feel neglected. So, I recently started reading A Game of Thrones. I promised myself when I started it that I would finish it! That won’t be very hard, because it happens to be fantastic. I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the television series, so I must say, they really hit the nail on the head there. However, the book is better. That’s usually my mantra anyway – the books are almost always better! While I usually prefer to have the book in hand, I’ve tiptoed into the E-Book world and I have to say, it’s so convenient. I wanted to read this book, I bought it on the Ipad, and voilà, it was there! Don’t fret; this does not mean I’m giving up the paperback for good. And how haunting and chilling is this awesome art by Izabela Bratkowski that I found at Comics Cavern?!

Okay, it’s a little out of my comfort zone to pose solo for my blog. But I really got into my Spring Wardrobe post and was inspired to get some new slacks while waiting for my family to arrive last weekend. Now, I can’t even begin to stylistically pose like my fashion blog inspirations, but I don’t write a fashion blog, so I figure it’s okay! I had Matt take these before heading to work to point out a few things. 1.) Oh how I love my Mulberry bag! While she was here, Melissa inspired me to tie a scarf onto my bag for added color. So cute! 2.) These are two new pairs of slacks: a yellow and a blue. The yellow is a more relaxed fit, and you can’t see with the blue, but it came with an adorable brown belt. 3.) These are the only two pairs of sunglasses I own, but I love them. Jessica Simpson collection aviators on the left, gifted to me by my sister. Ray Ban sunnies on the right, gifted to me by Matt!

Spring Wardrobe, Game of Thrones

Image courtesy of {Six in the Suburbs}

I will be making these this weekend! These are bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and they are as delicious as they sound. Matt and I make them almost every time we host friends at our home. They are incredibly easy to prepare and just as easy to eat. We soak our water chestnuts for at least in hour in soy sauce. We then wrap them with bacon, sprinkle with a little brown sugar, and bake under the broiler until they are golden and gorgeous! Matt and I just love having appetizers for a meal, which means living in a country where tapas rule sure suits us!

San Roque, Spring Wardrobe, Game of Thrones, Water Chestnuts, Bacon

I apologize for the poor quality in this photo, but the lighting was low and it was taken with a phone. However, I have to share this because Matt and I found a new restaurant that we’ll be frequenting A LOT. It is called La Finca and it is located just outside of the entrance to our town. I’ve mentioned before that there are currently no open restaurants in our town and that there isn’t much to choose from close-by. La Finca is a Thai restaurant that’s popular in the area, but has been under construction for the past few months. Last night we drove by on a whim only to find that it’s reopened! I won’t divulge too much, because I plan on going back soon to do an entire post about it. I will tell you, though, that the food was fantastic… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Mundane Musings

  1. Patty

    Game of Thrones television starts soon!

  2. I know! I want to watch it so badly, and the first season, but I don’t want to ruin the book!

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