La Finca – Thai Fusion

Thai Fusion, Asian Cuisine, Food

A cozy atmosphere to match our cozy little dinner - followed by a rambunctious few rounds of pool!

April showers bring May flowers…right? I sure hope so, because showers have been in our forecast quite a bit lately. It makes going to work a lot easier, since beautiful sunshine makes it hard to be inside. However, with a four day weekend on the horizon, we could use some sunshine for purposes of laying by the pool or going to the beach. I’m just sayin’…

In the meantime, and as promised, I’ll give you a little look at what is becoming my favorite restaurant in the area. We went to La Finca last weekend with friends and are currently scheduled to do so again on Saturday evening. This delightful Thai fusion restaurant is nestled under the trees in La Casita, the camping grounds for the area, a mere stone’s throw from the entrance of our neighborhood. Obviously, this makes La Finca a highly desirable dinner spot, because it takes us minutes to get there or home; technically, we could walk there and back if we really wanted to, but that’ll probably never happen.

Asian Cuisine, Food, Thai Fusion, Spice

This is an appetizer. Apparently, it's one big shrimp...not a lobster like you may be thinking!

The restaurant itself has been part of the same family for decades, previously serving as just their home. This family was one of the original families of the our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Back in the day, the Alcaidesa beach was their own private beach. Now all that remains is the campsite and their restaurant. The ambiance on the inside is rustic in nature, with safari-like paintings and sculptures, but it also feels like you are enjoying dinner in a country cabin, with a roaring fireplace, filled oak bookshelves and candles. A great addition is the pool table in the back, which we were glued to for the better part of the evening.

The food, however, is the best part of all. You just can’t find many Asian restaurants in our area, least of all Thai. Well this place does it right. Their menu varies from traditional dishes like Pad Thai and stir fries, to more modern twists of steak and fish. All is prepared perfectly to your palate since you have multiple spice levels to choose from. From our two visits, I’ve gathered that on the spice scale, I like it pretty much at the top! The first time we went, I enjoyed a dish called the Ka Pow, which was a spicy stir fry of peppers and chicken, served with white rice. This last time I picked one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes – Pad Thai. Who knows what I’ll get on Saturday, but it’ll probably be something new, since I’ve yet to be disappointed and I want to try it all.

Can this really be beat? Great food, great atmosphere and great location! I can see this being a quick dinner spot on a rainy night or the last stop after a day at the beach. Either way, if you’re ever in our area, make a stop at La Finca…it’s definitely our new go-to spot!

Thai Fusion, Food, Asian Cuisine, Spice

My handsome dinner date!

Thai Fusion, Asian Cuisine, Food, Spice

The decor is a nice mix of rustic country home and safari, as seen here.

Thai Fusion, Asian Cuisine, Spice, Food

Elephants everywhere! Which I happen to love, as they are my favorite animal.

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4 thoughts on “La Finca – Thai Fusion

  1. Patty

    You really like the spiciest? Crazy for Thai food!

  2. Gina

    Sounds like a lovely spot. But you can keep the spicy. I like a kick but not something so hot it disguises the food. :-).

  3. I don’t like the spiciest of all, I’m just at the top. 🙂 And I think my tongue is just made for spicy, because it definitely doesn’t disguise the food for me; it enhances the flavor! Crazy, I know!

  4. Dad

    We will have to go there on our next visit

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